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Mallo, J.C.; De Marco, S.G.; Bazzini, S.M.; del Rio, J.L.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 29, Issue 4, December 2010) - Aquaculture: an Alternative Option for the Rehabilitation of Old Mine Pits in the Pampasian Region, Southeast of Buenos Aires, Argentina (Can$ 39.95)2010
Murray, Jesica; Kirschbaum, Alicia; Dold, BernhardAcid mine drainage from Pan de Azucar Mine, and possible arsenic input in Pozuelos Lagoon basin, Argentina (Can$ 10)2013
Samad, AbdulDust Control Testing at Pascua Lama2012
Birch, Rupert; Kaye, DanielGlobal Mining Finance: 20112012
PwCCorporate Income Taxes, Mining Royalties and other Mining Taxes - 2012 Update2012
Mutti, D.; Sorenda, M.E.; Di Marco, M.H.; Yakovleva, N.; Vazquez, D.Comparative Analysis between Metalliferous Mining and Oil-Gas Extractive Industries in Argentina— Economic Development, Management and Social Licence2011
Valvano, A.; Vanguardia, C.Puerto San Julian Community Development Project, Santa Cruz, Argentina2011
Tejerina, Alfonso; Borrell Falco, MarinaArgentina Mining - Impressive geological potential2010
International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)Mining and Biodiversity: A collection of case studies – 2010 edition2010
International MiningIt's a Monster2009
Sfriso, A.; Sagüés, P.; Quaglia, G.; Quintela, M.; Ledesma, O.Small-strain stiffness of the Pampeano Formation2008
Avila, Julio C.Mining and the Environment in Argentina: Analysis of Controversial Cases2007
McMahon, Fred; Lymer, WillFraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2004/20052005
Fredricksen, LivFraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2003/20042004
Andrada de Palomera, R.P.Application of remote sensing and geographic information systems for mineral predictive mapping, Deseado massif, Southern Argentina2004
Bastida, ElizabethIntegrating Sustainable Development into the Legal Mining Frameworks of some Latin American Countries2002
Torres, Ivette E.The Mineral Industry of Argentina2002
Fredricksen, LivFraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2002/20032002
Helvaci, Cahit; Alonso, Ricardo N.Borate Deposits of Turkey and Argentina : A Summary and Geological Comparison2000
Haeberlin, Yves; Moritz, Robert; Fontbote, LluisLate Paleozoic orogenic gold deposits in the Central Andes, South America2000
Villas Bôas, Roberto C.; Laura Barreto, Maria (Eds.)Mine Closure in Iberoamerica Module VI : Political and Social Aspects2000
Villas Bôas, Roberto C.; Laura Barreto, Maria (Eds.)Mine Closure in Iberoamerica: Module VII : Mine Closure - Case Studies2000
Hoek, EvertThe Rio Grande Project - Argentina2000
Mackenzie, Brian W.Competitive Mining Tax Positions in South America1998
Sfriso, Alejo O.Procedimiento Constructivo de la Estación Corrientes de Subterráneo de Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Sfriso, Alejo O.Algunos Procedimientos Constructivos Para La Ejecusión de Túneles Urbanos 

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