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International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM); International Finance Corporation (IFC); BrunswickChanging the game - communications and sustainability in the mining industry2013
Siggelkow, RyanMaking Big Changes in Small Steps2012
Duda, FrankCost-Effective, Off-the-Shelf Wireless Links for Surface Integrated Mine Emergency Communications2011
Damiano, NickMedium Frequency Mine Emergency Communications - An Emerging Technology2011
Watkinson, AndrewThe Modern Miners' Guide to Successful Communications2011
Topf, AndrewNew Communications System Could Speed Mine Rescues2010
Jamasmie, CeciliaSatellite Communications in the Mining Industry2009
Wilson, BrianMine Communications in the 21st Century2005
Transport Canada; U.S. Dept. of Transportation; Secretariat of Communications and Transport of Mexico; CIQUIME2004 Emergency Response Guidebook2004
International Zinc AssociationZinc Guide2004
Vaught, Charles et al; U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesBehavioral and Organizational Dimensions of Underground Mine Fires2000
Mallett, Launa; Vaught, Charles; Brnich, Michael J.The Emergency Communication Triangle1999
Poole, Ross; Golde, Peter; Baiden, Greg; Scoble, MalcolmImplementation of Communications and Machine Teleoperation in Mine Automation1998
International Zinc AssociationZinc in the Environment - An Introduction, 2nd Edition1997
Bess, MichaelUnseen Benefits of Zinc Die Castings 
International Zinc AssociationZinc in Public Infrastructure: Applications for the 21st Century 
Horswill, Doug; Riley, Deirdre; Parker, DavidZinc and Sustainable Development: The Case of the Red Dog Mine 
Martin, Michael; Wildt, RogerClosing the Loop: An Introduction to Recycling Zinc-Coated Steel 
Habashi, FathiDiscovering the 8th Metal: A History of Zinc 

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