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Timpson, Christopher, M.SContainment and Dewatering of Mine Tailings with Geotextile Tubes at a Silver Mine in Mexico (Can$ 0)2016
Macías, J.L.; Corona-Chávez, P.; Sanchéz-Núñez, J.M.; Martínez-Medina, M.; Garduño-Monroy, V.H.; García-Tenorio, F.; Cisneros-Máximo, G.The May 27, 1937 catastrophic flow failure of gold tailings at Tlalpujahua, Michoacán, México2014
Birch, Rupert; Kaye, DanielGlobal Mining Finance: 20122012
Birch, Rupert; Kaye, DanielGlobal Mining Finance: 20112012
PwCCorporate Income Taxes, Mining Royalties and other Mining Taxes - 2012 Update2012
Peterson, Tim; Dawson, Richard; Horton, JayStabilization of a Rock Pile Moving on a Pre-sheared Foundation at Questa, New Mexico2011
Peterson, Tim; Dawson, Richard; Horton, JayStabilization of a Rock Pile moving on a Pre-sheared Foundation at Questa, New Mexico (Presentation)2011
Mereghetti, Matilde; Acuna, VanessaMexican Mining - A mature industry is reinvigorated and reaffirms its importance to the national economy.2011
The Northair GroupCreston Molybdenum Project Mexico’s Next Molybdenum Mine2011
U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyRecord of Decision - Molycorp, Inc. - Questa, New Mexico2010
Hadfield, DougThe Secret to Successful Mine Building: Dedication to Details2010
Oancea, DanMining in Central America2009
Latin America Studies Program at the Council on Foreign RelationsLatin America: Not So Isolated After All2009
Chadwick, JohnProaño (Fresnillo)2008
Chadwick, JohnMexican Mining2008
Chadwick, JohnPeñasquito: Mexico's Titan2008
Chadwick, JohnFluorite from Las Cuevas2008
Britton, Scott G.Something Old, Something New2007
Tachie-Menson, SamuelCharacterization of the Acid-Producing Potential and Investigation of its Effect on Weathering of the Goathill North Rock Pile at the Questa Molybdenum Mine, New Mexico2006
Corona-Esquivel, Rodolfo; Tritlla, Jordi; Benavides-Muñoz, María Elena; Piedad-Sánchez, Noé; Ferrusquía-Villafranca, IsmaelGeología, Estructura y Composición de los Principales Yacimientos de Carbón Mineral en México2006
Intera, Inc.Site Assessment - JJ No. 1/L-Bar Mine Cibola County, New Mexico2006
Chatwin, Terrence D.; Portigal, Mic; Walker, Bruce; Hamilton, JackInnovative Management in the Questa Mine-rock Stability Project Questa Mine, NM2005
Walker, BruceInvestigations Into the Long-term Effects of Weathering Upon the Stability of Questa Mine Rock Piles2005
Walsh, PatrickPreliminary Status Report on Molycorp Goathill North Trenches, Questa, New Mexico2005
Peace, Jerry L.; Goering, Timothy J.Calculation Set for Design and Optimization of Vegetative Soil Covers - Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico2005
McMahon, Fred; Lymer, WillFraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2004/20052005
Bauer, Paul; Shomaker, John W.; Johnson, Peggy; Eveleth, Robert W.; Wagner, Anne; North, Robert M.; McLemore, Virginia T.; Harben, PeterMining in New Mexico : The Physical and Historical Framework2005
D'Esposito, Stephen; Kuipers, James R.; Price, Greer; Hogge, David W.; Coleman, Michael W.; Smith, Kathleen S.; Nordstrom, D. Kirk; Menetrey, Mary Ann; Foreback, Terence; Langer, William H. et al.Mining in New Mexico: Environmental and Water Quality Issues2005
Freeman, Patrick S.; Pfeil, John; Power, Thomas Michael; McLemore, Virginia T.; Bland, Douglas; Brancard, Bill; Garcia, Karen; Shepherd, Holland; McCullough, Warren; Hall, Ned; Shomaker, John W. et alMining in New Mexico: Policy, Economics, and The Regulatory Framework2005
van Zyl, Dirk; Langer, William H.; Williams, R. David; Scholle, Peter A.; Barnes, Julia H.; Uhl, Mary; Shields, Brian et al.Mining in New Mexico: A Look to The Future2005

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