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Mara, S.; Tanasescu, M.; Ozunu, A.; Vlad, S.N.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 26, Issue 4, December 2007) - Criteria for Identifying the Major Risks Associated with Tailings Ponds in Romania (Can$ 39.95)2007
Trifu, C. I.; Shumila, V.Microseismic Monitoring of a Controlled Collapse in Field II at Ocnele Mari, Romania2010
Balasko, ClaraRomanian Tailings Survey: Tisa River Basin2009
Oancea, DanA Tale of Gold2008
Mudder, T. I.Technical Statement Regarding Cyanide2007
Eftimie, Adriana; Cestti, RitaRegional Workshop on Management and Safety of Mine Tailings Dams2003
Ioane, DumitruAn integrated geophysical tool for locating Au-Ag deposits in Neogene volcanics in Romania2003
OECDLessons from the Baia Mare2002
Steblez, Walter G.The Mineral Industries of Bulgaria and Romania2001
Moran, RobertMore Cyanide Uncertainties: Lessons From the Baia Mare, Romania, Spill – Water Quality and Politics2001
Baia Mare Task ForceReport of the International Task Force for Assessing the Baia Mare Accident2000
Florea Gabrian, C.; Turdean, N.Closing the Mines in Romania - A New Challenge 
ESG MiningControlled Solution Salt Mine Collapse in Romania 

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