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Humphreys, D.Mineral Economics (Volume 24, Issue 1, July 2011) - Emerging Miners and Their Growing Competitiveness (Can$ 39.95)2011
Ogier-Halim, S.; Berry, T.; Schaeffer, J.Implication of the permafrost on hydrogeological conditions: Amaan Coking Coal Project Russia2013
Chadwick, JohnCoal Still Reigns2012
Cushing, Oliver; Koryakovtseva; Matey Garcia, Patricia; Furuvald, MadeleineMining in Russia - Brving the Bear2012
Downham, Lee; Eliott, Mike; Lynch-Bell, Michael; Murphy, Paul; Crabtree, Nicky; Johns, Natasha; Colborne, EmilyMergers, acquisitions and capital raising in mining and metals sector - 9M 20122012
Moore, PaulTaldinski - A Russian Coal Giant2011
Raw Materials GroupOverview of State Ownership in the Global Minerals Industry2011
International MiningIndustry Forum - Las Vegas 20112011
Boytsov, Alexander; Basov, Vladimir; Putivtseva, NataliaWorld Uranium Production2010
International MiningCoal Burn Continues2010
Mitrofanov, Felix; Iljina, Markku; Zhirov, DmitryStrategic Mineral Resources of Lapland: Base for the Sustainable Development of the North2009
Fortygin, Alexey; Martschuk, John; Robertson, Jim; Bowell, Rob; Dey, MattThe Use of NSR During the Fedorovo ARDML Evaluation Program2009
Gleeson, DanielThe Coal Conundrum2009
Cann, ChrisOld King Coal on the March2008
Jollie, David; Johnson Matthey PlcPlatinum 20082008
Polonyankin, A.Presentation to Minex 2008 Master Class on Geology2008
Chadwick, JohnOriel's Stainless Strategy2007
Cann, ChrisCoal: The Other Black Gold2007
Elliott, ChristopherReducing the Cost, Increasing the Quality and Productivity in –30oC with Bituminous Geomembrane for Protecting the Environment in a Very Rocky and Cold Region2007
Mikjailov, B.K.; Golubev, Yu.K.; Vaganov, V.I.; Tsyganov, V.A.Problems of Diamond Exploration in Russia2006
McPhail, Gordon; Rusbridge, SteveErosion Control, How Practical Is It - Really? (Paper)2006
McPhail, GordonErosion Control, How Practical Is It - Really? (PowerPoint Presentation)2006
Puchkov, L.A.; Petrov, V.L.Mining in the Asian Part of Russia: Potential, Economy, Manpower and Engineering Personnel2006
GFMS LimitedSilver Stream2006
Higgins, SallyHighs and Lows of the CIS2006
Levine, Richard M.; Wallace, Glenn J.The Mineral Industries of the Commonwealth of Independent States - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan2005
Fredricksen, LivFraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2003/20042004
Lukina, Natalya; Nikonov, VyacheslavDegradational Succession of Forest Ecosystem in the Surrounding of Cu-Ni Smelter in the Kola Penninsula2003
Nikonov, Vyacheslav V.; Lukina, Natalya V.Approaches to Rehabilitation of Lands in the Surroundings of Cu-Ni Smelters in the Kola Penninsula Russia2003
Nally, MarcThe Asacha and Rodnikovoye Gold Projects in Kamchatka, Russia2003

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