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Topf, AndrewRollercoaster for Rocks: New Technology Combines Railways and Conveyors2010
Chadwick, JohnBelt Tightening2009
Gilbert, Peter R.Management & Control of High Elongating Belt in Long Centered Conveyors2003
Nordell, Lawrence K.Overland Conveyors Designed for Efficient Cost & Performance2003
Wheeler, C. A.Predicting the Main Resistance of Belt Conveyors2003
Lodewijks, GabrielStrategies for Automated Maintenance of Belt Conveyor Systems2003
Pitcher, D. M.Joining Conveyor Belting2003
Dreyer, Hector N.Designing and Operating Environmentally Friendly Overland Conveyors1999
Lodewijks, G.The Design of High Speed Belt Conveyors1999
James, Gary; Walker, ChrisThe Need and Practice of Design Risk Assessment1999
Landy, CharlesVector Controlled Variable Speed Drives - A Viable Alternate for Driving Conveyors1999
McHarg, AlexOn Line Monitoring to maximise Conveyor Performance1999
Fletcher, A.E.W.; du Toit, E.L.Environmentally Friendly Enclosed Conveyor Systems1999
Botha, LouisIntelligent Conveyor Drives for Underground Conveyors1999
Surtees, AtholVerification of Conveyor Designs, Post Installation1999
Babich, KostaEnvironmental Law and Conveyors1999
Timtner, Karlheinz; Heubach, ThomasHigh Speed Backstops in Conveyor Drives1999
Paulson, Garry E.Motor Selection for Belt-Conveyor Drives1998
Nel, P.J.; Shortt, G.G.Goedehoop Colliery - Conveyor B18 Revisited1997
Bolt, A.G.Fluid Couplings vs. Electronic Soft Starts in the Drive to Conveyors1997
Barfoot, G.; Gauvin, R.Multiple Take-Up Conveyor Systems1997
Otrebski, M.; Putter, E.; Scheffer, M.F.Improved Control of a Solenoid Valve and Drain Coupling1997
Owen, P.Condition Monitoring for Conveyors1997
Hughes, C.P.An Overview of the Installation of the First Man-Riding Belt Conveyor in a South African Gold Mine1997
Grabner, K.; Kessler, F.Vertical Conveyors for Bulk Materials - the Economic Solution1997
Stahura, R.P.The Pyramid of Effective Conveyor Dust Control: Containment, Suppression, and Collection1997
Surtees, G.Downhill Belt Conveyors : the Starting and Speed Control Thereof1997
McGaha, J.R.; Dos Santos, J.A.; Atkinson, L.Modern Continuous Haulage Systems and Equipment 19971997
Roberts, A.W.Concepts of Feeder Design and Performance in Relation to Loading Bulk Solids onto Conveyor Belts1997
Potts, J.D.; Jankowski, R.A.Dust Considerations When Using Belt Entry Air to Ventilate Work Areas (U.S. Bureau of Mines Report of Investigation (RI) 9426)1992

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