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Esen, S.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 41, Issue 3, June 2008) - A Non-Ideal Detonation Model for Evaluating the Performance of Explosives in Rock Blasting (Can$ 39.95)2008
Esen, S.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 37, Issue 4, October 2004) - A Statistical Approach to Predict the Effect of Confinement on the Detonation Velocity of Commercial Explosives (Can$ 39.95)2004
Budin, MattThe Benefits of Bulk Emulsion Explosives in Underground Applications through String Loading2009
International MiningWorld Class Service2008
Ruest, M.; Cundall, P.; Guest, A.; Chitombo, G.Developments Using the Particle Flow Code to Simulate Fragmentation by Condensed Phase Explosives2007
International MiningAt Your Service: Better ways to charge explosives, provide rock support, carry loads and people, and more2007
Donzé, Frédéric VictorSimulation of the Blasting Patterns in Shaft Sinking Using a Discrete Element Method2004
USGS Minerals InformationUSGS Minerals Yearbook: Explosives2003
Sapko, Michael; Rowland, James; Mainiero, Richard; Zlochower, IsaacChemical and Physical Factors that Influence N0x Production During Blasting: Exploratory Study2002
Ganev, Radi; Michaylov, MichaelOn safe combustibility of mixtures of propellants and polymers for mines and quarries2002
Kamburova, GerganaToxic gases at industrial blasting operations. Normative requirements and recent results2002
Eloranta, JackAn Explosion in Mining2000
Rehak, T.R.; Bajpayee, T.S.; Mowrey, G.L.Flyrock Issues in Blasting2000
Ruhe, T.C.; Bajpayee, T.S.Thermal Stability of ANFO Made With Recycled Oil1999
Sebos, IoannisGroundshock Enhancement due to Reflections1999
Mainiero, RichardProtecting Workers from Toxic Fumes Generated by Explosives1999
Veraklis, Harry C.An Analysis of Blasting Accidents in Coal Mines1992
Verakis, Harry C.; Mainiero, Richard J.; Hay, J. Edmund; Mulhern, John J.MSHA Regulations and BOM Research Program on Multipe Short-Delay Blasting of Coal1985
Summers, David A.; Worsey, Paul N.The Use of High Pressure Water Jets to Wash Out Explosives1983
Mainiero, Richard J.; Verakis, Harry C.Short-Delay Blasting: in Underground Coal Mines 
Santis, Lon D.Fire Protection Provided by Detonator Containers 
Firth, I.R.; Taylor, D.L.Bench Blast Modeling Using Numerical Simulation and Mine Planning Software 
Mainiero, Richard J.Technique for Measuring Toxic Gases Produced By Blasting Agents 

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