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Oyarzún, J.; Maturana, H.; Paulo, A.; Pasieczna, A.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 22, Issue 3, November 2003) - Heavy Metals in Stream Sediments from the Coquimbo region (Chile): Effects of Sustained Mining and Natural Processes in a Semi-arid Andean Basin (Can$ 39.95)2003
Young, H. CourtMining History Bundle: Orphan Boy book and Going for the Gold DVD (Can$ 27)2007
Anderson, Christopher, W. N.; Meech, John A.; Veiga, Marcello M.Can Phytoextraction Support the Gold Mining Industry in Developing Countries? Case Study for Indonesia2014
Bigala, LiseteProjects in Progress - March 20122012
PwC2012 Gold Price Report - Keeping up with the price of gold2012
Levack, Jonathan; Ginsberg, Gary; Kingston, Robyn; Hindle, Chris; Onabajo, BabatundeInvesting in Angola 20122012
Stern, Caroline; Dettoni, Jacopo; Da cunha, AgostinaMining in Turkey - A country thirsty for its own mineral reserves2012
Tejerina, Alfonso; Bonetto Gandolfi, Clotilde; Timson, Sarah; Matey Garcia, PatriciaMining in Quebec - As the province's gold and iron camps witness a true renaissance, exploration in new areas unveils great potential in other commodities2011
Mereghetti, Matilde; Acuna, VanessaMexican Mining - A mature industry is reinvigorated and reaffirms its importance to the national economy.2011
Tarta, Ramona; Willatt, Thomas; Hincks, Joseph; Veillon, CamilleAustralian Mining - A great mining nation adapts2011
Jones, Alisdair; Fletcher, Barnaby; Bromley, Katie; Cushing, OliverMining Industry in British Columbia and Yukon with special report on Vancouver2011
Tejerina, Alfonso; Katie Bromley; Timson, SarahPeruvian Mining - Alread a major producer in precious and base metals2011
Borrell Falco, Marina; Mereguetti, Matilde; Stern, Caroline; Erguney, OzgurBrazil Mining - a mining powerhouse2011
Turney, Ben; Palle, Malcolm; Johnson, PaulGold's Historical Rhythm - Will Exploration Stocks Rhyme? (Mining Maven Special Gold Report)2011
World Gold AnalystThe Colombian Gold Mining Industry2011
VM Group; Haliburton Mineral ServicesABN AMRO Gold Mine Cost Report Q1 20112011
VM Group; Haliburton Mineral ServicesABN AMRO Gold Mine Cost Report Q4 20102011
Boakye-Adjei, Nana Yaa; Garnett, Charlie; Green-Wilkes, Alex; Kingston, Robyn; Martin, James; Minney, Tom; Siddiqi, MoinInvesting in Liberia 20112011
Molekoa, LindiweProjects in Progress - September 20112011
Alliance for Responsible MiningArtisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining sector - Tanzania case study2011
Alliance for Responsible MiningArtisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining sector - Uganda case study2011
Bloch, Robin; Owusu, GeorgeLinkages in Ghana's Gold Mining Industry: Challenging the Enclave Thesis2011
Mjimba, VuyoThe Nature and Determinants of Linkages in Emerging Minerals Commodity Sectors: A Case Study of Gold Mining in Tanzania2011
Morris, Mike; Kaplinsky, Raphael; Kaplan, DavidCommodities and Linkages: Meeting the Policy Challenge2011
Ginsberg; Minney, Tom; Cheto, Manjo; Jacob, James; Siddiqi, MoinInvesting in Senegal 20122011
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)Reducing Mercury Use in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining: A Practical Guide2011
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)The Price of Gold: Mercury Use and Current Issues in Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining in the Philippines2011
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)¡Squeezing gold from a stone: How to Reduce Toxic Health Risks and Pollution Caused by Mercury Use in the Small-Scale & Artisanal Gold Mining Sector2011
Chadwick, JohnMining Data and Gold2010
International MiningInverse Box Hole Blasting at Elandsrand2010

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