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Moore, Susan M.; Pollard, Jonisha P.; Nelson Mary EllenTask-specific Postures in Low-seam Underground Coal Mining2012
Pappas, D.M.; Mark, C.Roof and rib fall incident trends: a 10-year profile2012
Smith, Alex C.MFIRE 3.0 - NIOSH Brings MFIRE into the 21st Century2012
Alcorn, Lynn; Yantek, Dave; Azman, AmandaBit Isolator Reduces Drilling Noise in Underground Coal Mines2012
Li, Jingcheng; Carr, Jacob; Jobes, ChristopherA Shell-based Magnetic Field Model for Magnetic Proximity Detection Systems2012
Pollard, Jonisha P.; Moore, Susan M.; Mark ChristopherReduced Workers' Compensation Costs With Roof Screening2012
Organiscak; Schmitz, MichaelA New Leak Test Method for Enclosed Cab Filtration Systems2012
Rowland III, J.H.; Smith, A.C.Flammability of wider conveyor belts using large-scale fire tests2012
Schatzel, S.; Krog, R.; Dougherty, H.Field Study of Longwall Coal Mine Ventilation and Bleeder Performance2012
Joy, Gerald J.Evaluation of the Approach to Respirable Quartz Exposure Control in U.S. Coal Mines2012
Azman, Amanda S.; Hudak, Roberta L.An evaluation of sound restoration hearing protection devices and audibility issues in mining2012
Miller, Arthur L.; Drake, Pamela L.; Murphy, Nathaniel C.; Noll, James D.; Volkwein, Jon C.Evaluating portable infrared spectrometers for measuring the silica content of coal dust2012
Sammarco, John J.; Pollard, Jonisha P.; Porter, William L. ; Dempsey, Patick G.; Moore, Caitlin T.The effect of cap lamp lighting on postural control and stability2012
McWilliams, Linda Jansen; Lenart, Patricia J.; Lancaster, Jamie L.; Zeiner, John R. Jr.National Survey of the Mining Population Part I: Employees2012
McWilliams, Linda Jansen; Lenart, Patricia J.; Lancaster, Jamie L.; Zeiner, John R. Jr.National Survey of the Mining Population Part II: Mines2012
Duda, FrankCost-Effective, Off-the-Shelf Wireless Links for Surface Integrated Mine Emergency Communications2011
Damiano, NickMedium Frequency Mine Emergency Communications - An Emerging Technology2011
Miller, Nadia C.Predicting Flow Characteristics of a Lixiviant in a Fractured Crystalline Rock Mass2010
Hustwit, C.C.; Ackman, T.E.; Erickson, P.M.Role of Oxygen Transfer in Acid Mine Drainage Treatment2010
Nehl, F.H.; Murphy, J.E.; Atkinson, G.B.; Walters, L.A.Selective Electrowinning of Silver and Gold From Cyanide Process Solutions2010
Cecala, A.B.; Organiscak, J.A.; Zimmer, J.A.; Hillis, M.S.; Moredock, D.Maximizing Air Quality Inside Enclosed Cabs with a Unidirectional Filtration and Pressurization System2009
Furtney, Jason; Cundall, Peter; Torres, MaurilioDevelopments in the Numerical Modeling of Rock Blasting - Results from the HSBM Project2009
Iverson, SteveRecent Advances in the NIOSH Careful Excavation Program2009
Noll, J.D.; Patts, L.D.; Grau, R.H.The Effects of Ventilation Controls and Environmental Cabs on Diesel Particulate Matter Concentrations in Some Limestone Mines2008
Janisko, S.J.; Noll, J.D.Near Real Time Monitoring of Diesel Particulate Matter in Underground Mines2008
Swanson, Peter; Stewart, Collin; Koontz, WendellMonitoring Coal Mine Seismicity with an Automated Wireless Digital Strong-Motion Network2008
Noll, J.D.; Bugarski, A.D.; Patts, L.D.; Mischler, S.E.; McWilliams, L.J.Relationship Between Elemental Carbon, Total Carbon, and Diesel Particulate Matter in Several Underground Metal/nonmetal Mines2007
Noll, J.D.; Janisko, S.J.Using Laser Absorption Techniques to Monitor Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure in Underground Stone Mines2007
Reed, W.; Taylor, C.Factors Affecting the Development of Mine Face Ventilation Systems in the 20th Century2007
Patts, Larry; Brnich, Michael J.Best Practices for Underground Diesel Emissions2007

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