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Faramarzi, F.; Farsangi, M.A.E.; Mansouri, H.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 46, Issue 4, July 2013) - An RES-Based Model for Risk Assessment and Prediction of Backbreak in Bench Blasting (Can$ 39.95)2013
Saeidi, A.; Deck, O.; Verdel, T.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 31, Issue 4, August 2013) - Comparison of Building Damage Assessment Methods for Risk Analysis in Mining Subsidence Regions (Can$ 39.95)2013
Rackwitz, F.; Savidis, S.A.; Rickriem, J.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 31, Issue 3, June 2013) - Web-based Data and Monitoring Platform for Complex Geotechnical Engineering Projects (Can$ 39.95)2013
Mitra, P.Y.; Nomikos, P.P.; Mertiri, E.;; Sofianos, A.I.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 31, Issue 2, April 2013) - Tunnel Design and Sensitivity Analysis (Can$ 39.95)2013
Merrien-Soukatchoff, V.; Korini, T.; Thoraval, A.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 45, Issue 2, March 2012) - Use of an Integrated Discrete Fracture Network Code for Stochastic Stability Analyses of Fractured Rock Masses (Can$ 39.95)2012
Wu, Q.; Liu, Y.; Liu, D.; Zhou, W.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 44, Issue 5, September 2011) - Prediction of Floor Water Inrush: The Application of GIS-Based AHP Vulnerable Index Method to Donghuantuo Coal Mine, China (Can$ 39.95)2011
Perello, P.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 44, Issue 6, November 2011) - Estimate of the Reliability in Geological Forecasts for Tunnels: Toward a Structured Approach (Can$ 39.95)2011
Maheshwari, P.; Kumar, P.P.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 29, Issue 6, November 2011) - Probabilistic Analysis and Design of a Strip Footing on Layered Soil Media (Can$ 39.95)2011
Lehmann, B.; Orlowsky, D.; Misiek, R.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 43, Issue 1, February 2010) - Exploration of Tunnel Alignment using Geophysical Methods to Increase Safety for Planning and Minimizing Risk (Can$ 39.95)2010
Charou, E.; Stefouli, M.; Dimitrakopoulos, D.; Vasiliou, E.; Mavrantza, O.D.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 29, Issue 1, April 2010) - Using Remote Sensing to Assess Impact of Mining Activities on Land and Water Resources (Can$ 39.95)2010
Rayne, A.; Forest, K.; Friesen, K.J.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 28, Issue 2, June 2009) - Analytical Framework for a Risk-based Estimation of Climate Change Effects on Mine Site Runoff Water Quality (Can$ 39.95)2009
Duzgun, H.S.B.; Bhasin, R.K.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 42, Issue 5, October 2009) - Probabilistic Stability Evaluation of Oppstadhornet Rock Slope, Norway (Can$ 39.95)2009
Xie, M.; Esaki, T.; Qiu, C.; Wang, C.; Wang, Z.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 27, Issue 3, June 2009) - Deterministic Landslide Risk Assessment at a Past Landslide Site (Can$ 39.95)2009
Castelli, M.; Scavia, C.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 41, Issue 1, February 2008) - A Multidisciplinary Methodology for Hazard and Risk Assessment of Rock Avalanches (Can$ 39.95)2008
Jimenez-Rodriguez, R.; Sitar, N.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 40, Issue 4, August 2007) - Rock Wedge Stability Analysis Using System Reliability Methods (Can$ 39.95)2007
Deák, G.; Mihai, S.; Deák, S.E.; Oancea, I.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 26, Issue 4, December 2007) - Addressing the Risk of Surface Water Intrusion in Old Romanian Salt Mines (Can$ 39.95)2007
Isaksson, T.; Stille, H.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 38, Issue 5, November 2005) - Model for Estimation of Time and Cost for Tunnel Projects Based on Risk Evaluation (Can$ 39.95)2005
Basma, A.A.; Barakat, S.A.; Omar, M.T.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 21, Issue 3, 09-2003) - Reliability Based Risk Index for the Design of Reinforced Earth Structures (Can$ 39.95)2003
Babu, G.L.S.; Mukesh, M.D.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 21, Issue 2, 2003) - Risk Analysis of Landslides – A Case Study (Can$ 39.95)2003
Schubert, M.; Morgenstern, P.; Wennrich, R.; Freyer, K.; Weiss, H.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 22, Issue 1, April 2003) - The Weathering Behavior of Heavy Metals in Ore Processing Residues (Mansfeld Region, Germany) (Can$ 39.95)2003
Hutchinson, D.J.; Phillips, C.; Cascante, G.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 20, Issue 1, 2002) - Risk Considerations for Crown Pillar Stability Assessment for Mine Closure Planning (Can$ 39.95)2002
Valenzuela, Luis A.; Belaúnde, Alexandra M.; Cádiz, Rodrigo A.; Campos, Jorge A.; Valdebenito, Lilian M.Risk assessment guideline for closure of mine facilities in Chile (Can$ 10)2014
Caldwell, Jack, A.Tailings Facility Risk Assessment and Risk Management (Can$ 0)2017
Robertson, Andrew; Caldwell, JackTailings Facility Risk, Resilience, and Robustness (Can$ 0)2017
Caldwell, Jack, A; Crystal, ColleenTailings Facility Risk Assesment and Risk Management (Can$ 0)2017
Caldwell, Jack, A.History of Risk Assessment for Tailings Facilities (Can$ 0)2016
Caldwell, Jack, A.Tailings facility systems for risk assessment (Can$ 0)2016
Caldwell, Jack, A.Cover risk assessment and decision making (Can$ 0)2016
Thomas, Andy; Caldwell, Jack, A; Navy, LukasOpen pit fillings: Hazards, consequences, and risk mitigation (Can$ 0)2016
Oboni, Franco; Caldwell, Jack, A; Oboni, CesarTen rules for preparing sensible risk assessments (Can$ 0)2016

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