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Minalliance; Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC); Mining Association of Canada (MAC)100 Innovations in the Mining Industry2012
Parreira, Juliana; Meech, JohnSimulation of an Open Pit Mine to Study Autonomous Haulage Trucks2012
Parreira, Juliana; Meech, JohnAutonomous vs Manual Haulage Trucks - How Mine Simulation Contributes to Future Haulage System Developments2010
Parreira, Juliana; Mullard, Zoe; Meech, John; Garcia Vásquez, MagalyHow Automation and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) Contribute to Sustainable Development in the Mining Industry2009
Levy, Alon; Granot, ReuvenAn Agent Based Human Robot Interaction in a Supervised Autonomous System2003
Marshall, Joshua AlexanderTowards autonomous excavation of fragmented rock : experiments, modelling, identification and control2001
LaBelle, Diana; Bares, John; Nourbakhsh, IllahMaterial Classification By Drilling2000
Stentz, Anthony; Ollis, Mark; Scheding, Steve; Herman, Herman; Fromme, Chris; Pedersen, Jorgen; Hegadorn, Tim; McCall, Robert; Bares, John; Moore, RichPosition Measurement for Automated Mining Machinery1999
Stentz, A.; Bares, J.; Singh, S.; Rowe, P.A Robotic Excavator for Autonomous Truck Loading1999
Meech, John A.Integrating the Mine and Mill - Lessons from Manufacturing 

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