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Tulip, R.Mineral Economics - Book review: One Thing Leads to Another—Promoting Industrialisation by Making the Most of the Commodity Boom in Sub-Saharan Africa, by Mike Morris, Raphael Kaplinsky and David Kaplan, 2012, Published Free Online (Can$ 39.95)2013
Fall, M.; Sawangsuriya, A.; Benson, C.H.; Edil, T.B.; Bosscher, P.J.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 26, Issue 1, February 2008) - On the Investigations of Resilient Modulus of Residual Tropical Gravel Lateritic Soils from Senegal (West Africa) (Can$ 39.95)2008
Van Tonder, G.J.; Usher, B.H.; Dennis, I.; Vermeulen, P.D.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 26, Issue 2, June 2007) - Predicting Rebound in a Deep Colliery in South Africa (Can$ 39.95)2007
International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM); Ghana Chamber of MinesMining in Ghana - What future can we expect?2015
Jackson, Taylor; Green, Kenneth P.Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 20142014
International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)Enhancing mining’s contribution to the Zambian economy and society (InBrief)2014
International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)Enhancing mining’s contribution to the Zambian economy and society2014
De Waele, B.; Lacorde, M.; Vergara, F.; Chan, G.New Insights on West African Tectonics and Iron Mineralisation Based on Zircon U-Pb SHRIMP Geochronology and Structural Mapping2013
Sanguinetti, H.; Mahaman, T.; Awouami, I.; Guibal, D.; Bowell, R.; Gleeson, P.The Miriam case: A new type of uranium deposit within the Carboniferous sandstone-hosted Uranium Mineralisation of the Arlit Agadez province, Tim Mersoi Basin, Niger2013
Wilson, Alana; Cervantes, Miguel; Green, Kenneth P.Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 20132013
Moore, PaulMaterial Progress2012
White, J.L.; Sparks, R.S.J.; Bailey, K.; Barnett, W.P.; Field, M.; Windsor, L.Kimberlite Sills and Dykes Associated with the Wesselton Kimberlite Pipe, Kimberley, South Africa2012
MineAfrica; Canada-Southern Africa Chamber of BusinessRisk Mitigation & CSR in Africa and Emerging Markets June 20122012
Solomon, MichaelThe Rise of Resource Nationalism: A Resurgence of State Control in an Era of Free Markets Or the Legitimate Search for a New Equilibrium2012
Leon, Peter; Veeran, JonathanA Regulatory analysis of the potential impact of the African National Congress's report entitled Maximising the Developmental Impact of the People's Mineral Assets: State Intervention in the Minerals Sector2012
EunomixThe ANC SIMS Report - An international best practic perspective2012
Claude KabembaCoal versus Communities in Mozambique: Exposing poor practices by VALE and Rio Tinto2012
Darimani, AbdulaiThe Road to the Africa Mining Visoin: From FDI Promotion to Industrialisation and Diversification2012
Darimani, AbdulaiImproving the framework and administration of ESIA for Community Rights2012
Fafuli, MikeLabour Regines & Challenges of Decent Work2012
Tanoh, GyekyeInvestment and Trade Regime Issues for Transformation of Mining in Africa2012
Maponga, OliverRegional Integration and South-South Relations: Opportunities for Linkages and Diversification2012
Hormeku, TettehLinkages and diversification: the role of the state2012
Graham, YaoInstitutions and processes for the realization of the AMV2012
Busia, KojoHarnessing the APRM Potential to Advance Mineral Resources Governance in Africa2012
Maponga, OliverThe African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC): Business Plan2012
Statistics South AfricaQuarterly Labour Force Survey - Quarter 2, 20122012
Statistics South AfricaQuarterly Labour Force Survey - Quarter 1, 20122012
Hartford, GavinThe Mining Industry Strike Wave: What are the causes and what are the solutions?2012
Chuhan-Pole, Punam; Angwafo, Manka; Buitano, Mapi; Dennis, Allen; Korman, Vijdan; Sanoh, AlyAfrica's Pulse - An analysis of issues shaping Africa's economic future2012

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