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Bekesi, G.; Tyler, M.; Waterhouse, J.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 31, Issue 3, September 2012) - Lessons from the Use of an Active Production Well for Compliance Monitoring in the Great Artesian Basin, Australia (Can$ 39.95)2012
Hancock, S.; Wolkersdorfer, C.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 31, Issue 2, June 2012) - Renewed Demands for Mine Water Management (Can$ 39.95)2012
Klee, G.; Bunger, A.; Meyer, G.; Rummel, F.; Shen, B.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 44, Issue 5, September 2011) - In Situ Stresses in Borehole Blanche-1/South Australia Derived from Breakouts, Core Discing and Hydraulic Fracturing to 2 km Depth (Can$ 39.95)2011
Mostofi, M.; Rasouli, V.; Mawuli, E.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 44, Issue 3, May 2011) - An Estimation of Rock Strength Using a Drilling Performance Model: A Case Study in Blacktip Field, Australia (Can$ 39.95)2011
McCullough, C.D.; van Etten, E.J.B.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 30, Issue 4, December 2011) - Ecological Restoration of Novel Lake Districts: New Approaches for New Landscapes (Can$ 39.95)2011
Fernando, J.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 28, Issue 6, November 2010) - Effect of Water Quality on the Dispersive Characteristics of Soils Found in the Morwell Area, Victoria, Australia (Can$ 39.95)2010
Rankine, R.M.; Sivakugan, N.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 25, Issue 4, August 2007) - Geotechnical properties of cemented paste backfill from Cannington Mine, Australia (Can$ 39.95)2007
McCullough, C.D.; Lund, M.A.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 25, Issue 4, December 2006) - Opportunities for Sustainable Mining Pit Lakes in Australia (Can$ 39.95)2006
Doupé, R.G.; Lymbery, A.J.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 24, Issue 3, September 2005) - Environmental Risks Associated with Beneficial End Uses of Mine Lakes in Southwestern Australia (Can$ 39.95)2005
Munro, L.D.; Clark, M.W.; McConchie, D.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 23, Issue 4, December 2004) - A Bauxsol™-based Permeable Reactive Barrier for the Treatment of Acid Rock Drainage (Can$ 39.95)2004
Ali, R.; Turner, J.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 23, Issue 3, October 2004) - A Study of the Suitability of Saline Surface Water for Recharging the Hypersaline Palaeochannel Aquifers of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia (Can$ 39.95)2004
Waggitt, P.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 20, Issue 4, December 2001) - Environmental Compliance Requirements to be Observed by Active and Closed-out Uranium Mines in Northern Australia – an Update (Can$ 39.95)2001
Singh, R.N.; Jakeman, M.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 20, Issue 2, July 2001) - Strata Monitoring Investigations Around Longwall Panels Beneath the Cataract Reservoir (Can$ 39.95)2001
Guang, R.; Tshibang, M.; Loayza, C.Application of in-line polymer addition for tailings disposal in Australia - learning and challenges (Can$ 10)2014
 AngloGold Ashanti Australia: Optimising existing data and control systems to improve energy management2014
Jackson, Taylor; Green, Kenneth P.Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 20142014
Wilson, Alana; Cervantes, Miguel; Green, Kenneth P.Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 20132013
Dunn, M.Uncertainty in ground support design and implementation in underground mining2013
Luppnow, D.Management of uranium tailings2013
Sanguinetti, H.; Mahaman, T.; Awouami, I.; Guibal, D.; Bowell, R.; Gleeson, P.The Miriam case: A new type of uranium deposit within the Carboniferous sandstone-hosted Uranium Mineralisation of the Arlit Agadez province, Tim Mersoi Basin, Niger2013
Greentree, M.; Chan, G.Chinese Exploration Standards and Philosophy: Implications for outbound investment2013
Hanrahan, S.Project Studies – Setting it up for Success2012
Downham, Lee; Eliott, Mike; Lynch-Bell, Michael; Murphy, Paul; Crabtree, Nicky; Johns, Natasha; Colborne, EmilyMergers, acquisitions and capital raising in mining and metals sector - 9M 20122012
PwCCorporate Income Taxes, Mining Royalties and other Mining Taxes - 2012 Update2012
Tingey, Alexnder T.; Zimmermann, GeoffreyMining Tax Quarterly - Issue 2/20122012
Tuck, M.; Pillay, M.Harmonization and Standardization of Risk Management of Underground Ventilation in Australia2012
Chadwick, JohnRe-inventing Ernest Henry Mining2012
McMahon, Fred; Cervantes, MiguelFraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2011/20122012
Law, JonathanGlobal Mining Innovation: Do we have the mix right?2012
Chadwick, JohnCoal Still Reigns2012

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