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Barrera, Sergio; Cacciuttolo, CarlosReassessment of best available tailings management practices2015
Barrera, Sergio; Cacciuttolo, Carlos; Caldwell, JackReassessment of Best Available Tailings Management Practices (presentation)2015
Petlane, TÅ¡oeuAfrican Solutions: Best Practices from the African Peer Review Mechanism - Chapter 1: APRM Best Practices: Concept, Place and Significance2011
Maree, J.A.Orepass Best Practices at South Deep2011
The Pembina InstituteIn Situ Oil Sands Best Practices Checklist2010
Patts, Larry; Brnich, Michael J.Best Practices for Underground Diesel Emissions2007
ESRIGIS Best Practices2006
ESRIGIS Best Practices for Mining2006
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)Workplace Health and Safety Best Practices Inventory2005
Mitchell, W. S.Challenges and Best Practices Related to Assessing Liabilities and Funding Options - Giant Mine Remediation Project2005
Skok, Eugene L.; Clyne, Timothy R.; Johnson, Eddie; Timm, David H.; Brown, Marcus L.Best Practices for the Design and Construction of Low Volume Roads2003
Robertson, S. B.; Molinda, G. M.; Dolinar, D. R.; Pappas, D. M.; Hinshaw, G. E.Best Practices and Bolting Machine innovations for Roof Screening2003
World Bank and International Finance CorporationMining Reform and the World Bank : Providing a Policy Framework for Development2003
Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Division of Minerals and GeologyBest Practices in Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation: The Remediation of Post Mining Activities2002
Colorado Department of Natural Resources - Division of Minerals and GeologyBest Practices in Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation2002
Mark, C.; Iannacchione, A.T.Best Practices to Mitigate Injuries and Fatalities From Rock Falls - Introduction2000
van Zyl, M.; Hecker, F.Catalogue of best practices for the ropes and winders of deep shaft sinking operations1998
Norman, David K.; Wampler, Peter J.; Throop, Allen H.; Schnitzer, E. Frank; Roloff, Jaretta M.Best Management Practices for Reclaiming Surface Mines in Washington and Oregon1997

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