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Chadwick, JohnProcess Progress2008
Chadwick, JohnCoping With Demand2008
Chadwick, JohnBio/hydro - Different Metallurgical Options2007
Chadwick, JohnCopper King2006
Miller, P.; Jiao, F.; Wang, J.The Bacterial Oxidation (BACOX) Plant at Laizhou, Shandong Province, China - The First Three Years of Operation2004
Kapoor, A.; Dinardo, O.; Gould, W.D.; Kuiper, A.; Kawaja, J.; B├ędard, P.Application of Biological Contactor Technology for Mine Effluent Treatment and Metal Bioleaching Operations2003
Acevedo, FernandoPresent and future of bioleaching in developing countries2002
Harvey, ToddThe Role of Biological Technologies in the Advancement of Mineral Processing Technology2002
Petersen, J.; Dixon, D.G.Thermophilic Heap Leaching of a Chalcopyrite Concentrate2002
Harvey, Todd J.; Holder, Nick; Stanek, TraceyThermophilic Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrates with GEOCOAT Process2002
Kamali, MahtabRecovery of copper from low-grade ores by Aspergillus niger2001
Acevedo, FernandoThe use of reactors in biomining processes2000
Johansson, C; Shrader, V.; Suissa, J.; Adutwum, K.; Kohr, W.Use of the GEOCOAT Process for the Recovery of Copper from Chalcopyrite1999
Steemson, M.L.; Wong, F.S.; Goebel, B.The Integration of Zinc Bioleaching with Solvent Extraction for the Production of Zinc Metal from Zinc Concentrates1997
Harvey, Todd J.; Joubert, Jean; Van Der Merwe, WillemThe Use of Computer Simulation for the Design of a Bioheap Leach for Sphalerite 
Petersen, Jochen; Watling, Helen; Dixon, David; Franzmann, Peter; Plumb, Jason; Johnson, Julian; Harrison, Susan; Hansford, GeoffProgress on the Development of Comprehensive Understanding and a Model of Copper Heap Bioleaching - The AMIRA P768 Project 

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