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Samad, AbdulDust Control Testing at Pascua Lama2012
Kollipara, V.; Gurley, H.; Chugh,Y. ; Pulliam, J.An Experimental Study of Approaches to Minimize Pressure Loss Within Wet Scrubber and Their Effect on Coal Dust Control2012
Ren, TingCFD Simulation for the Development Of A Water-mist Based Venturi System for Dust Control from Maingate Chocks2011
Topf, AndrewIron Ore Miner Tries Dust Control Solution2010
Chadwick, JohnLongwall Longings2005
Kissell, Fred N.Handbook for Dust Control in Mining2003
Churchyard, G. et alSilicosis prevalence and exposure response relationships in older black mineworkers on a South African goldmine2003
Colinet, Jay F.; Thimons, Edward D.Improving Silica Dust Control Through Targeted Research2002
Belle, B.K.; Van Zyl, F.J.; Du Plessis, J.J.Summary Report on Underground Road Header Environmental Control2002
Belle, B.K.Dust-control for thick-seam wall mines2002
Rider, J.P.; Colinet, J.F.; Prokop, A.E.Impact of Control Parameters on Shearer-Generated Dust Levels2001
Goodman, Gerrit V.R.; Listak, Jeffrey M.; Organiszak, John A.A Review of Occupational Silica Exposures on Continuous Mining Operations2000
Du Plessis, J.J.L.; Belle, B.K.; Vassard, P.S.Mechanical miner environmental control: evaluation of ventilation and dust control systems in a ventilation simulation tunnel1999
Organiscak, J.Investigation of Longwall Face Ventilation Air-Splitting Methods for Improved Dust Control1999
McNearny, R.L.Revegetation of a Mine Tailings Impoundment Using Municipal Biosolids in a Semi-Arid Environment1998
Gero, Andrew J. et alEffect of Altitude, Sample Port Inlet Loading, and Temperature on the Volumetric Flow Rate of the MSA Escort® ELF Constant-Flow-Rate Pump1997
Stahura, R.P.The Pyramid of Effective Conveyor Dust Control: Containment, Suppression, and Collection1997
Spencer, Ellsworth R.; Kovscek, Paul D.; Fields, Kenneth G.Design and Demonstration of a Continuous Dust Parameter Monitoring System1996
Ainsworth, Sharon M.; Tomb, Thomas F.; Parobeck, Paul S.Comparison of Infrared Absorbances for Standard Samples Prepared from Sieved and Nonsieved Quartz Reference Materials1994
Page, Steven, J.Improved Dust Control for Surface Coal Mine Drills With Rotoclone Collectors1994
Organiscak, J.A.; Page S.J.; Jankowski R.A.Relationship of Coal Seam Parameters and Airborne Respirable Dust at Longwalls (U.S. Bureau of Mines Report of Investigation (RI) 9425)1992
Ainsworth, Sharon M.; Parobeck, Paul S.; Tomb, Thomas F.Determining the Quartz Content of Respirable Dust by FTIR1989
Parobeck, Paul S. et alApplication of the RACAL Airstream Helmet in Four Underground Coal Mines1989
Tomb, Thomas F.Evaluation of Respirable Dust Control on Longwall Operations1988
Gero, Andrew; Tomb, ThomasLaboratory Evaluation of the CIP 10 Personal Dust Sampler1988
Gero, Andrew J.; Suppers, Karen L.; Tomb, Thomas F.Evaluation of Four Fast-Response Flow Measurement Devices [dust sampling]1988
Raymond, Lewis D.; Tomb, Thomas F.; Parobeck, Paul S.Respirable Coal Mine Dust Sample Processing1987
Gadomski, Raymond R.; Atchison, David J.; Gero, Andrew J.; Haney, Robert A.Evaluation of a Portable Hand-held Respirable Dust Monitor1985
Ondrey, Robert S.; Haney, Robert A.; Tomb, Thomas F.Summary of Minimum Dust Control Parameters 
Cecala, Andrew B. et alCurrent NIOSH Dust Control Research for Noncoal Surface Mines 

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