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Botha, Rudolph; Camargo, Ricardo; Mello, LiviaAnglo American holistic mine closure planning approach: Social, biophysical and financial (Can$ 10)2014
Olivari, AlfonsoFinancial assurance for mine closure in Chile (Can$ 10)2014
Paulson, Edwin "Chip"; Triana, Enrique; Chahbandour, John; Sanadhya, PranayDefining the financial value of mine water security decisions in an arid multi-user basin (Can$ 10)2013
Goldsmith, Tim; Absolom, Stuart; Rajaratnam, AnanthMine: The growing disconnect2012
Ives, GlennManaging Volatility Through Strategic Flexibility2010
Tang, BrianDetermining the Real Value of Junior Mining Companies2010
Langer, RickHow to Find and Evaluate Junior Mining Companies for Investment Purposes2010
Ramcharan, Andrew J.; Moser, PeterUnderstanding the Major Reporting Codes for Mineral Resources2010
Mining.com EditorsEconomic Pressures Caused Worst Decline in Exploration Budget of the Last Two Decades2010
GlobalDataGlobal Top 10 Uranium Mining Companies Benchmarking Analysis - Peer Comparison of Top 10 Uranium Mining Companies on Key Financial and Operational Parameters2010
Ecclestone, ChristopherThe Mining Lifecycle: Immutable or Changing?2010
Mills, RichardInvestors Take Note: Lithium Batteries Are a Key Part of Obama's Clean Energy Plan2010
Chadwick, JohnWhere is the Industry Headed?2009
PricewaterhouseCoopersMine: Review of global trends in the mining industry2009
Jamasmie, CeciliaMining in Ontario: In Unity There Is Strength2009
Jamasmie, CeciliaChile, Codelco and the Copper Slump2009
Lok, KimberlyOngoing Opportunities for Canadians in Mining in South America2009
Hira, AnilHow Mining Could Become the Engine of Development2009
Latin America Studies Program at the Council on Foreign RelationsLatin America: Not So Isolated After All2009
Rodgers, KirkGetting Best Value from Your Feasibility Study Investment2009
Sergeant, BarryBeyond Xstrata and Anglo American2009
Cattaneo, BenAbove-Ground Risk: Time for Mining to Get Serious About Performance2009
Jansen, WillBrave New World: Metals Production Accounting2009
Kuntz, GlenTiming is Everything: Mining the Correct Grade and Tonnage at the Optimum Time2009
Aervitz, IrinaA Marriage Made in Metal2009
Search, ChristianFinancing Lending for Mining Projects2008
Schumacher, Otto L.High Metal Prices Obscure Cost Inflation2008
Purdy, S.; Shedden, R.Landfill Bioreactor Financial Analysis - Monterey Peninsula Landfill, Marina, California2008
Dee, DwightNew Proposed Rules Governing the Disclosure of Future Oriented Financial Information2007
Richardson, DavidListing in Hong Kong2007

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