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Thomas, H.R.; Seetharam, S.C.; Vardon, P.J.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 29, Issue 2, March 2011) - On the Inclusion of Some Biological Impacts and Influences in Coupled Transport Phenomena in Unsaturated Soil (Can$ 39.95)2011
International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)Health and Safety Critical Control Management: Good practice guide2015
International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)Health and safety performance indicators2014
International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)Community health programs in the mining and metals industry2013
Alcorn, Lynn; Yantek, Dave; Azman, AmandaBit Isolator Reduces Drilling Noise in Underground Coal Mines2012
Organiscak; Schmitz, MichaelA New Leak Test Method for Enclosed Cab Filtration Systems2012
Azman, Amanda S.; Hudak, Roberta L.An evaluation of sound restoration hearing protection devices and audibility issues in mining2012
Miller, Arthur L.; Drake, Pamela L.; Murphy, Nathaniel C.; Noll, James D.; Volkwein, Jon C.Evaluating portable infrared spectrometers for measuring the silica content of coal dust2012
Sammarco, John J.; Pollard, Jonisha P.; Porter, William L. ; Dempsey, Patick G.; Moore, Caitlin T.The effect of cap lamp lighting on postural control and stability2012
International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)ICMM Annual Review 20112012
Minalliance; Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC); Mining Association of Canada (MAC)100 Innovations in the Mining Industry2012
Moore, Susan M.; Pollard, Jonisha P.; Nelson Mary EllenTask-specific Postures in Low-seam Underground Coal Mining2012
International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)2012 Health and Safety Conference Report2012
Farrow, PaulEliminating Fatalities – predicting potential fatal occurrences2012
Aranis, JulioChuquicamata: a commitment to life2012
Herrera Carvajal, HugoEl Viaje Hacia la Excelencia en Seguridad2012
Klopper, HennieExplosion of Haul Truck Tyres Due to Pyrolysis2012
Aguilar, RenéLeading Indicators2012
Jenkins, DavidLight Vehicles – safety built in, not bolted on2012
Moreira, TulaChemical Dependency Program – taking care of yourself is caring for those you love2012
Moreira, TulaCuidar de você é cuidar de quem você ama!2012
van Zyl, AndréEntry Examination and Making Safe of a Working Place: leading practice adoption in action2012
Kruger, Juan LuisSafety: a customized approach2012
Fox, Frank; Pienaar, JanThe Health Source, an Integrated Electronic Health Record Solution for Southern Africa2012
Cable, JaysonBarrick Develops Low Profile Tyre Handler2012
Ross, CameronAviation Risk Management: a Two-Dimensional Approach2012
du Plessis, JanRe-Engineering the Ventilation and Cooling of an Existing Deep Gold Mine in the Free State of South Africa2012
Henott, WilliamTowards Zero Fatalities at Codelco2012
Phakathi, SizweHealth and Safety Journeys/Visions, Leadership, Safety Incentives and Recognition Schemes2012
Steyn, JacquesA “Step Forward” in Value Adding to Internal S&Sd Risk and Assurance Programs2012

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