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Breitenbach, Allan J.The good, bad and ugly lessons learned in lined heap leach pad design and construction from the 1970s to the 21st century (presentation)2013
Parra, DenysHeap leach pad design in very aggressive terrains (presentation)2013
Borntraeger, BrunoChallenges of large heap leach pad design and construction in northern China (presentation)2013
Parra, DenysWater balance and cost evaluation for different scenarios of impermeable covers (raincoats) in heap leach pad operations (presentation)2013
Athanassopoulos, ChrisDesign considerations for geosynthetic clay liners in heap leach pad liner systems (presentation)2013
Hutchison, IanHeap Leach Pad2013
Kavazanjian, Jr., Edward; Arab, Mohamed G.; Matasovic, NevenSeismic Analysis of Heap Leach Pad Liner Systems2011
Lupo, John F.Ore Geotechnical Testing for Heap Leach Pad Design2010
Hudson, Amy L.; Meyer, TroyChallenges in Heap Leach Pad Design: Consideration of Thermal Conditions2008
McPhail, Gordon; Rusbridge, SteveErosion Control, How Practical Is It - Really? (Paper)2006
McPhail, GordonErosion Control, How Practical Is It - Really? (PowerPoint Presentation)2006
Thiel, Richard; Beck, Abigail; Smith, Mark E.The Value of Geoelectric Leak Detection Services for the Mining Industry2005
Castillo, J.; Hallman, D.; Byrne, P.; Parra, D.Dynamic Analysis of Heap Leach Pad Under High Phreatic Levels2005
Breitenbach, A. J.; Thiel, R.S.A Tale of Two Conditions: Heap Leach Pad Versus Landfill Liner Strengths2005
Kowalewski, PeteClosure of the Sterling Mine Heap Leach Pad2005
Fredlund, MurrayHeap Leach Pad Drain-Down Modeling2005
Thiel, Richard; Smith, Mark E.State of the Practice Review of Heap Leach Pad Design Issues2003
Danko, George; Zhan, JohnnyNumerical Simulation of Solute Transport in a Spent Heap Leach Pad2001
Myers, K. L. ; Espell, R. ; Burke, K.Reclamation and Closure of the AA Heap Leach Pad at Barrick's Goldstrike Mine2001
G2 ImagingHeap Leach Pad Monitoring To Manage Risks In Gold And Copper Mining 
Breitenbach, Allan J.Heap Leach Pad Design and Construction Practices in the 21st Century 
Breitenbach, Allan J.; Thiel, Richard S.A Tale of Two Conditions: Heap Leach Pad Versus Landfill Liner Strengths 

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