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Chadwick, JohnHoist by Technology2010
International MiningSuccessful Shafts2009
Chadwick, JohnFurther Underground2009
Chadwick, JohnGoing Underground, or Not2008
Paques, Joseph-Jean; Germain, LouisSafety of Mine Hoists Controlled by Programmable Systems2005
Beus, M.J.; Iverson, S.R.; Cullen, E.T.Sensors Warn of Hazards During Mine Hoisting (NIOSH Technology News, No. 469)1998
Wang, Richard C.; Miscoe, Anthony J.; McKewan, William M.Model for the Structure of Round-Strand Wire Ropes (NIOSH Report of Investigation (RI) 9644)1998
Wang, R.C.; Miscoe, A.; McKewan, W.Model for the Structure of Round-Strand Wire Ropes (U.S. Bureau of Mines Report of Investigation (RI) 9644)1998
NIOSHDevelopment of a Research Facility to Improve Mine Hoisting and Ore Pass Safety1997
Hecker, G.F.K.; Kroonstuiver, JThe safe use of winding ropes1996
Bartels, J.R.; McKewan, W.M.; Miscoe, A.J.Bending Fatique Tests 2 and 3 on 2-Inch 6x25 Fiber Core Wire Rope (U.S. Bureau of Mines Report of Investigation (RI) 9429)1992
Barkand, Thomas D.Emergency Braking Systems For Mine Elevators 
Helfrich, William J.Mine Hoist Control Systems 
Barkand, Thomas D.Elevator Safety: Give The Miner a Brake 
Barkand, Thomas D.Safe Electrical Design of Mine Elevator Control Systems 
Barkand, Thomas D.; Helfrich, William J.Application of Dynamic Braking To Mine Hoisting Systems 
Barkand, Thomas D.Application of a suspension rope brake to a single rope mine hoisting system 
ABB Industries ABABB Mine Hoisting System at Pyhäsalmi Mine 

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