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Chadwick, JohnMetallurgical Master2011
Chadwick, JohnProcess Progress.2010
Chadwick, JohnProcess Progress2008
Chadwick, JohnBio/hydro - Different Metallurgical Options2007
International MiningHydromet Gains Ground2007
Littlejohn, PatrickTechnical Review – Copper Solvent Extraction in Hydrometallurgy2007
Dreisinger, DavidNew Developments in Cu and Ni Hydrometallurgy - Presentation to JOGMEC (Japan)2006
Gormely, LyntonPredicting Continuous Leach Performance from Batch Data2005
Senanayake, GaminiThe Role of Ligands and Oxidants in Thiosulfate Leaching of Gold2005
Milbourne, J.; Tomlinson, M.; Gormely, LyntonUse of Hydrometallurgy in Direct Processing of Base Metal/PGM Concentrates2003
Angelov, Antony; Groudev, StoyanTreatment of gold-bearing solutions by cementations with metallic zinc2002
Gormely, Lynton; Lamb, KenAutoclave Design and Cost Model2002
Jansen, Mal; Taylor, AlanKey Elements in the Selection of Sulphide Leach Processes for Copper Concentrate Leaching2000
O'Kane, P.T.; Gormely, Lynton S.Energy Consumption and Economic Trends in the Production of Nickel from Laterites – An update2000
Dreisinger, David; O'Kane, Terry; Gormely, Lynton; Fleming, ChrisThe Solvent Extraction Recovery of Copper, Cobalt and Zinc from Seawater Based Leach Solutions1995
Cobble, J.R.; Jordan, C.E.; Rice, D.A.Hydrometallurgical Production of Copper From Flotation Concentrates (Bureau of Mines Report of Investigation (RI) 9472)1993
Gormely, LyntonMechanical Agitation and Aeration in Hydrometallurgical Reactors1992
Eckert, N. L.; Gormely, L. S.Phase Separation in an Experimental Mixer-Settler1989
Peacey, John; Guo, Xian Jian; Robles, EduardoCopper Hydrometallurgy – Current Status, Preliminary Economics, Future Direction and Positioning versus Smelting 

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