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Lato, M.J.; Diederichs, M.S.; Hutchinson, D.J.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 43, Issue 5, September 2010) - Bias Correction for View-limited Lidar Scanning of Rock Outcrops for Structural Characterization (Can$ 39.95)2010
Harikumar, C.; Pillai, C.S.; Chetal, S.C.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 28, Issue 4, July 2010) - Foundation Floor Geological Mapping of a Nuclear Reactor (Can$ 39.95)2010
Youssef, A.M.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 26, Issue 5, October 2008) - Mapping the Pliocene Clay Deposits Using Remote Sensing and its Impact on the Urbanization Developments in Egypt: Case Study, East Sohag Area (Can$ 39.95)2008
Kulatilake, P.H.S.W.; Park, J.; Balasingam, P.; Mckenna, S.A.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 25, Issue 1, February 2007) - Hierarchical probabilistic regionalization of volcanism for Sengan region, Japan (Can$ 39.95)2007
Ramakrishnan, D.; Mohanty, K.K.; Nayak, S.R.; Chandran, R.V.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 24, Issue 6, December 2006) - Mapping the Liquefaction Induced Soil Moisture Changes Using Remote Sensing Technique: An Attempt to Map the Earthquake Induced Liquefaction Around Bhuj, Gujarat, India (Can$ 39.95)2006
De Waele, B.; Lacorde, M.; Vergara, F.; Chan, G.New Insights on West African Tectonics and Iron Mineralisation Based on Zircon U-Pb SHRIMP Geochronology and Structural Mapping2013
De Waele, B.; Beltran, J.The Digital Mapping Revolution: How to get the best out of data capture in the field2013
Ryan, Jim; Zagorevski, Alex; Roots, Charlie; Knight, Ellie; Hayward, Nathan; Chapman, John; Witold, CiolkiewiczGeological insights from the Dawson Range – White Gold district, Yukon: GEM mapping in support of a modern gold rush2012
BC Ministry of Energy and Mines; Geoscience BC; BC Geological SurveyQUEST]Northwest Mapping: BC Geological Survey Dease Lake Geoscience Project2012
Stevens, C.W.; Wolfe, S.A.High-Resolution Mapping of Wet Terrain within Discontinuous Permafrost using LiDAR Intensity2012
Janisko, S.Toward Mind Aerosol and Ventilation Mapping Through Compuser Vision-Assisted Sensing2012
Beadenkopf, EdDevelopment of Guidelines for Standard Approaches to Inundation Mapping of Flood Risk Associated with Dam Incidents and Failures2011
Breitkreutz, WillOverview of USACE Dam Break Modeling, Mapping and Consequence Analysis2011
Moran, Patsy; Richers, DavidMapping Wall Rock Chemistry on the Ultimate Pit Surface of an Open Pit Mine Utilizing GIS2011
Moran, Patsy; Richers, DavidMapping Wall Rock Chemistry on the Ultimate Pit Surface of an Open Pit Mine using GIS (Presentation)2011
International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)Mapping In-Country Partnerships2010
Tanaka, T.; Okajima, K.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 28, Issue 3, May 2010) - Liquefaction Analysis Using Viscoplastic Kinematic Hardening Constitutive Model2010
Beare, MikeAn Introduction to Mining Business Improvement Initiatives – Mapping the Steps to Increased Profits2009
International MiningMapping the Way2009
Kenworthy, S.; Noormohamed, K.; Stuart, H.; Hodkiewicz, P.Mapping and 3D modelling of structural controls in the Chirano gold deposits, Ghana: keys to better resource delineation and near-mine exploration targeting2009
Beare, M.J.An Introduction to Mining Business Improvement Initiatives - Mapping the Steps to Increased Profit2009
Heffernan, VirginiaClosing the Productivity Gap2008
Chadwick, JohnGood Prospecting2007
Willowstick TechnologiesMapping Water with Aquatrack at Mining Operations2006
Elmo, DavideEvaluation of a Hybrid FEM/DEM Approach for Determination of Rock Mass Strength Using a Combination of Discontinuity Mapping and Fracture Mechanics Modelling, with Particular Emphasis on Modelling of Jointed Pillars2006
Cauvin, M.; Verdel, T.; Salmon, R.; Didier, C.Mapping Expert Uncertainties or Confidence Level in Mining Risk Prevention Plans2006
Qureshi, S.; Dimitrakopoulos, RoussosComparison of stochastic simulation algorithm in mapping spaces of uncertainty of non-linear transfer function2005
Dutta, S.; Ganguli, R.; Samanta, B.Investigation of two Neural Network Methods in an Automatic Mapping Exercise2005
Willowstick TechnologiesCase Study: Willowstick Tracks Reservoir Leak and Finds Source2004
Swayze, Gregg A.; Higgins, Chris T.; Clinkenbeard, John P.; Kokaly, Raymond F.; Clark, Roger N.; Meeker, Gregory P.; Sutley, Stephen J.Preliminary Report on Using Imaging Spectroscopy to Map Ultramafic Rocks, Serpentinites, and Tremolite-Actinolite-Bearing Rocks in California (USGS Open-File Report 2004-1304)2004

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