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Rackwitz, F.; Savidis, S.A.; Rickriem, J.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 31, Issue 3, June 2013) - Web-based Data and Monitoring Platform for Complex Geotechnical Engineering Projects (Can$ 39.95)2013
Charou, E.; Stefouli, M.; Dimitrakopoulos, D.; Vasiliou, E.; Mavrantza, O.D.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 29, Issue 1, April 2010) - Using Remote Sensing to Assess Impact of Mining Activities on Land and Water Resources (Can$ 39.95)2010
Caldwell, Jack, A.Tailings Facility Risk Assessment and Risk Management (Can$ 0)2017
Caldwell, Jack, A; Crystal, ColleenTailings Facility Risk Assesment and Risk Management (Can$ 0)2017
Tuck, M.; Pillay, M.Harmonization and Standardization of Risk Management of Underground Ventilation in Australia2012
Ross, CameronAviation Risk Management: a Two-Dimensional Approach2012
Lavoie, Peter; McNeil, DougCSR - Anti-bribery and supply chain risk assessment impacts on community and local SME engagement2011
Glenister, DavidEnvironmental and Social Risk Management: Financing Metal Mining Projects - The Equator Principles2010
Duncan, JanneAnti-Corruption in International Mining Projects: Practical Risk Management and Compliance Strategies2010
ISO; IECRisk management — Risk assessment techniques2009
Australian Government, Department of Resources, Energy and TourismRisk Assessment and Management Handbook2008
Kaliampakos, D.; Damigos, D.; Karachaliou, T.Using the “Dry-tomb” Technique in the Remediation of Heavily Contaminated Land2007
Applied Ecosystem Services Inc.Environmental Decision-Making & Risk Management2006
McGill, J.E.; Theart, H.F.J.Technical Risk Assessment Techniques and Practice in Mineral Resource Management with Special Reference to the Junior and Small-scale Mining Sectors2006
Evans, RobinSustainable Development and Risk Management in the Minerals Industry2004
Engels, J.; Schönhardt, M.; Witt, K.J.; Benkovics, I.; Berta, Zs.; Csövári, M.; Georgescu, D.P.; Radulescu, C.A.; Zlagnean, M.; Bõhm, J; Debreczeni, A; Koffa, E; Mylona, E; Paspaliaris, I.; Xenidis, ATailings Management Facilities - Intervention Actions for Risk Reduction2004
Engels, J.; Schönhardt, M.; Benkovics, I.; Georgescu, D.P.; Bohm, J.; Koffa, E.Tailings Management Facilities – Intervention Actions for Risk Reduction2004
Joy, J.Occupational Safety Risk Management in Australian Mining2004
Robertson, A. MacG.; Shaw, ShannonRisk Management for Major Geotechnical Structures on Mines2003
Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos; Li, S.Quantification of fault uncertainty and risk management in underground longwall coal mining2001
Bruce, Iain G.; Oboni, FrancoTailings Management Using Quantitative Risk Assessment2000
Robertson, A. MacG.International Experience in Tailing Pond Remediation2000
Hay, John E.; UNEPEnvironmental Technology Assessment (EnTA)2000
Beck, D. A.; Brady, B. H. G.A Numerical Method for Engineering Management of Induced Seismic Risk in Hard Rock Mining2000
Department of Minerals and Energy Western AustraliaSafety and Health Risk Management (Guideline)1999
Environment AustraliaBest Practice Environmental Management in Mining - Environmental Risk Management1999

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