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Molinda, G.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 26, Issue 5, October 2008) - Reinforcing Coal Mine Roof with Polyurethane Injection: 4 Case Studies (Can$ 39.95)2008
Karanam, U.M.R.; Dasyapu, S.K.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 23, Issue 3, June 2005) - Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Stresses in a Fully Grouted Rock Bolts (Can$ 39.95)2005
Marek, A; Thorley, S; Dawson, L; Pickering, RMechanized Bolting - on-board drilling automation and a change in the support regime in low-profile mechanized mining2012
International MiningSupport Your Local Mine2008
Hebblewhite, Bruce K.Status of Roof Bolting Research at UNSW, Australia2004
Oyler, David; Mark, Christopher; Gale, Winton; Chen, JinshengPerformance of Roof Support Under High Stress in a U.S. Coal Mine2004
Reid, DavidInterconnection of Landmark Compliant Longwall Mining Equipment – Roof Support System Communication and Functional Specification for Face Alignment2003
Hagan, PaulThe Variability of Some Rockbolt Parameters and Their Potential Impact on Anchorage Performance in Coal Mines2003
Ottermann, R.W.; von Wielligh, A.J.; Burger, N.D.L.; Handley, M.F.; Fourie, G.A.Effective roof support for tabular stopes2002
Tadolini, Stephen C.; Dolinar, Dennis R.Enhanced Surface Control for Roof and Rib Support2001
Barczak, Thomas M.Updating the NIOSH Support Technology Optimization Program (STOP) With New Support Technologies and Additional Design Features2001
Barczak, Thomas M.Mistakes, Misconceptions, and Key Points Regarding Secondary Roof Support Systems2001
Barczak, Thomas M.Optimizing Secondary Roof Support with the NIOSH Support Technology Optimization Program (STOP)2000
NIOSHNew Technology for Coal Mine Roof Support2000
Finfinger, G.L.; Peng, S.S.; Gu, Q; Wilson, G.; Thomas, B.An Approach to Identifying Geological Properties from Roof Bolter Drilling Parameters2000
Mucho, Thomas P.; Barczak, Thomas M.; Dolinar, Dennis R.Design Methodology for Standing Secondary Roof Support in Longwall Tailgates1999
Mucho, T.P.Cable Bolts: A "New Support"1998
Van der Merwe, J.N.Simple User's guide on Roof Support installation and evaluation1998
Richardson, A.M.; Gilbride, L.J.; Trackemas, J.; Mercier, J.The Influence of Massive Sandstones in the Main Roof of Longwall Support Loading1996
Tadolini, Stephen C.Resin-Grouted Cables for Enhanced Coal Mine Roof Support1994
Barczak, Thomas M.Examination of Design and Operation Practices for Longwall Shields (Bureau of Mines Information Circular (IC) 9320)1992
Dolinar, D.; Mark, C.; Molinda,G.Design of Primary Roof Support Systems in U.S. Coal Mines Based on the Analysis of Roof Fall Rates 
Signer, Steve; Sunderman, CarlNew Tools for Roof Support Evaluation and Design 

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