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Villavicencio, A.G.; Breul, P.; Bacconnet, C.; Boissier, D.; Espinace, A.R.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 29, Issue 6, November 2011) - Estimation of the Variability of Tailings Dams Properties in Order to Perform Probabilistic Assessment (Can$ 39.95)2011
Sammarco, O.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 23, Issue 2, August 2004) - A Tragic Disaster Caused by the Failure of Tailings Dams Leads to the Formation of the Stava 1985 Foundation (Can$ 39.95)2004
Schaper, Debora do Vale; Aragão, Giani Aparecida SantanaA comparative analysis between closure of tailings dams and environmental liabilities (Can$ 10)2014
Oboni, Franco; Oboni, CesarA Systemic Look at Tailings Dams Failure Process (Can$ 0)2016
Vargas, R.; Paihua, S.; Ordoñez, A.; Herrera, F.Seismic Response Analysis for the Stability of Waste Rock Dumps and Tailings Dams2014
Meech, John A.; Wang, Jessica X.Y.Remining Old Tailings Dams2014
Cacciuttolo, Carlos; Caldwell, Jack; Bernard, ScottGeosynthetic Mining Solutions at Copper Tailings Dams: A Review of the State of Practice in Chile2014
Vanden Berghe, J.-F.; Ballard, J.-C.; Pirson, M.; Reh, U.Risks of Tailings Dams Failure2011
Soderstrom, Anders; Isaksson, NilsDambreak Modelling of Tailings Dams Using Combined 1D- and 2D-models2011
Alexieva, TatyanaRegulatory Aspects of Dam Break Analysis Applied to Tailings Dams South American Practice2011
Anderson, Michael J.Regulatory Aspects of Dam Break Analysis Applied to Tailings Dams: Regulatory Environment in Nevada, Regulator's Perspective2011
 USSD Tailings Dams Workshop 2011 - List of Presentations2011
Barrera, Sergio; Valenzuela, Luis; Campana, JoseSand Tailings Dams: Design, Construction and Operation2011
Vincent-Lambert, Warren; Bowron, Mike; Langton, Chris; Stephens, BrettGroundwater Control for Tailings Dams Built on Large Pleistocene Channel Deposits: A Case Study of Integrated Systems at Suncor's South Tailings Pond2011
Barrera, Sergio; Valenzuela, Luis; Campana, JoseSand Tailings Dams: Design, Construction and Operation (Presentation)2011
 Dams, Levees, and Mine Tailings Dams2010
New South Wales Government - Dams Safety CommitteeTailings Dams - Guidance Sheet2010
European CommissionReference Document on Best Available Techniques for Management of Tailings and Waste-Rock in Mining Activities2009
Breitenbach, A. J.Improvement in the Stability of Upstream Method Phosphate Tailings Dams2009
Breitenbach, Allan J.Improvement in the Stability of Upstream Method Phosphate Tailings Dams with Rock Fill Shells2009
Mayoral, Juan M.; Romo, Miguel P.Geo-Seismic Environmental Aspects Affecting Tailings Dams Failures2008
Bjelkevik, AnnikaWater Cover Closure Design for Tailings Dams - State of the Art Report2005
Bjelkevik, Annika; Knutsson, SvenFailures and Incidents at Swedish Tailings Dams - Experiences and Comparisons2005
WISE Uranium ProjoectSafety of Tailings Dams2004
Mphephu, N.F.Rehabilitation of Tailings Dams on the Central Rand; Johannesburg2003
Robertson, A. MacG.; Lloyd, T.; Robins, M.Residue Disposal at Sadiola Hill Gold Mine: Stability Evaluation by Field Testing2003
McLeod, Harvey; Plewes, HowardCan Tailings Dams Be Socially Acceptable?2003
Byrne, Peter M.; Seid-Karbasi, MahmoodSeismic Stability of Impoundments2003
Eftimie, Adriana; Cestti, RitaRegional Workshop on Management and Safety of Mine Tailings Dams2003
Bussiere, Bruno; Chapuis, Robert P.; Aubertin, MichelUnsaturated Flow Modeling for Exposed and Covered Tailings Dams2003

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