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Sheoran, A.S.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 24, Issue 3, September 2005) - Performance of a Natural Wetland Treating Acid Mine Drainage in Arid Conditions (Can$ 39.95)2005
Meyer, T.; Williams, C.Stacking dewatered tailings on a conventional slurry impoundment (Can$ 10)2014
Kowalewski, Peter, EGCL Seam Separation in a Tailings Impoundment Composite Liner System (Can$ 0)2016
Petticrew, Ellen L.; Albers, Sam J.; Baldwin, Susan A.; Carmack, Eddy C.; Déry, Stephen J.; Gantner, Nikolaus; Graves, Kelly E.; Laval, Bernard; Morrison, John; Owens, Philip; Selbie, Daniel; Vagle, SThe impact of a catastrophic mine tailings impoundment spill into one of North America's largest fjord lakes: Quesnel Lake, British Columbia, Canada2015
SRK ConsultingTailings Disposal by Means of Waste Rock Impoundment2010
Caldwell, Jack; Charlebois, LawrenceTailings Impoundment Failures, Black Swans, Incident Avoidance, and Checklists2010
Charlebois, Lawrence; Caldwell, JackTailings Impoundment Failures, Black Swans, Incident Avoidance, and Checklists (Presentation)2010
Caldwell, Jack A.; Hutchison, Ian; Frechette, RickCannon Mine Tailings Impoundment, Wenatchee, WA2009
Strachan, Clint; Smith, Greg; Caldwell, JackUranium Mill Tailings Impoundment Closure: A Retrospective (Presentation)2009
Caldwell, Jack; Hutchison, Ian; Frechette, RickThe Cannon Mine Tailings Impoundment: A Case History2009
Strachan, Clint; Smith, Greg; Caldwell, JackUranium Mill Tailings Impoundment Closure: A Retrospective (Paper)2009
Isham, J.C.Capping the Tailings Impoundment at the Jamestown Mine2008
Moye, Falma; Rogers, Stephen W.; Poulter, Don; Tritthart, BrantAn Overview of the Grouse Creek Mine Tailings Impoundment Closure2008
Wels, C.; Robertson, A. MacG.; Madariaga, P.M.Water Recovery Study for Pampa Pabellon Tailings Impoundment, Collahuasi, Chile2004
Salmon, S. UrsulaGeochemical modelling of acid mine drainage in mill tailings: Quantification of kinetic processes from laboratory to field scale2003
Moncur, Michael; Ptacek, C.J.; Blowes, D.W.; Jambor, J.L.Fate and Transport of Metals from an Abandoned Tailings Impoundment after 70 Years of Sulfide Oxidation2003
Daignault, Eugenie; Blowes, David; Jamboy, JohnThe Solid-Phase Sulfur Speciation of Metal Sulfides in a Permeable Reactive Barrier, Nickel Rim Mine, Sudbury, Ontario2003
Davies, Michael P.Tailings impoundment failures: are geotechnical engineers listening?2002
Black, Rick; Borden, Richard K.Vegetative Community Analysis of Biosolids Test Plots After Five Years of Growth2002
Rykaart, Maritz; Fredlund, Murray; Stianson, JasonSolving Tailings Impoundment Water Balance Problems with 3-D Seepage Software2001
Göransson, Torbjörn; Annika Benckert, Manfred Lindvall, Rolf RitzénDam failure at the Aitik mine: Investigations, conclusions and measures taken2000
Chappell, D.; Craw, D.Long-term stability of mine tailings, Macraes Mine, Otago: Comparison to a geological analogue2000
Dunne, B.; Jackson, J.; Zavodni, Z.Applications of Wick Drains to Upgrade the Kennecott Utah Copper Magna Tailings Impoundment - Two Case Studies1999
McNearny, R.L.Revegetation of a Mine Tailings Impoundment Using Municipal Biosolids in a Semi-Arid Environment1998
Caldwell, J.A.; Robertson, A.Geotechnical Stability Considerations in the Design and Reclamation of Tailings Impoundments1986
Caldwell, Jack; Moore, Dan; Hutchison, Ian; Sluder, TedDesign and construction outlined of the Cannon mine tailings impoundment1986
Caldwell, Jack; Hillis, Sydney; Crews, TonyConstruction of the Embankment for the Cannon Mine Tailings Impoundment1985
Caldwell, Jack A.; Hillis, Sydney F.; Hutchison, Ian P.G.The Design of the Cannon Mine Tailings Impoundment1985
Caldwell, J.A.; Stevenson, C.Geotechnical Evaluations for Tailings Impoundments1984
Caldwell, Jack A.; Moore, Don; Smith, AdrianImpoundment Design for Cyanided Tailings - Case History of the Cannon Mine Project1984

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