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Lokhande, R.D.; Murthy, V.M.S.R.; Singh, K.B.Geotechnical and Geological Engineering (Volume 31, Issue 2, April 2013) - Pot-hole Subsidence in Underground Coal Mining: Some Indian Experiences (Can$ 39.95)2013
Luo, J.; Wang, L.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 44, Issue 6, November 2011) - High-Temperature Mechanical Properties of Mudstone in the Process of Underground Coal Gasification (Can$ 39.95)2011
Younger, P.L.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 30, Issue 2, June 2011) - Hydrogeological and Geomechanical Aspects of Underground Coal Gasification and its Direct Coupling to Carbon Capture and Storage (Can$ 39.95)2011
Sahu, P.; López, D.L.; Stoertz, M.W.Mine Water and the Environment (Volume 28, Issue 3, October 2009) - Using Time Series Analysis of Coal Mine Hydrographs to Estimate Mine Storage, Retention Time, and Mine-pool Interconnection (Can$ 39.95)2009
Singh, R.; Mandal, P.K.; Singh, A.K.; Kumar, R.; Sinha, A.Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (Volume 41, Issue 3, June 2008) - Optimal Underground Extraction of Coal at Shallow Cover Beneath Surface/Subsurface Objects: Indian Practices (Can$ 39.95)2008
An, F. H.; Cheng, Y. P.An explanation of large-scale coal and gas outbursts in underground coal mines: the effect of low-permeability zones on abnormally abundant gas2014
Moore, Susan M.; Pollard, Jonisha P.; Nelson Mary EllenTask-specific Postures in Low-seam Underground Coal Mining2012
Alcorn, Lynn; Yantek, Dave; Azman, AmandaBit Isolator Reduces Drilling Noise in Underground Coal Mines2012
Gillies, S.; Calizaya, F.Use of Underground Booster Fans in Foreign Prominent Coal Mining Countries Compared with the Ban in the United States2012
Worrall, D.; Wachel, E.; Ozbay, U.; Munoz,D.; Grubb,J.Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of a Sealed Longwall GOB in an Underground Coal Mine2012
Griffin, K.; Luxbacher, K.; Schafrik, S.; Karmis, M.Comprehensive Ventilation Sumulation of Atmospheric Monitoring Sensors in Underground Coal Mines2012
Hababi, A.; Gillies, S.Use of Booster Fans in Underground Coal Mining to Advantage2012
Wang, Xufeng; Zhang, Dongsheng; Fan, Gangwei; Zhang, ChengguoUnderground pressure characteristics analysis in back-gully mining of shallow coal seam under a bedrock gully slope2011
International MiningBreakthrough in Micro Seismic Technology Locates ‘Trapped Miners’2011
Chadwick, JohnBolter Miners Speed Advance2010
Dryburgh, PeterUnderground Coal Gasification: The Acceptable Face of Coal Mining?2010
Gillies, S.; Slaughter, C.; Calizaya, F.; Wu, H.W.Booster Fans - Some Considerations for their Usage in Underground Coal Mines2010
Gilles, S.; Slaughter, C.; Calizaya, F.; Wu, H.W.Booster Fans – Some Considerations for their Usage in Underground Coal Mines2010
Tien, J. C.; Calizaya, F.Use of Belt Air in Underground Coal Mines - with Special Emphasis on TSP Recommendations (12th US/North American Mine Ventilation Symposium)2008
Mine Safety and Health AdministrationBleederless Ventilation Systems - Spontaneous Combustion2007
Sanda, Arthur P.; Phelps, Richard W.Post-Sago2006
Kroeger, E. Bane; McGolden, MichaelIncreasing Underground Coal Mine Productivity Through a Training Program2005
Stewart, Bill M.; Clark, Curtis C.; Stapleton, Brian P.; Warneke, Joel R.Solutions to Prevent Materials-Handling Injuries in Underground Coal Mines2005
Hebblewhite, Bruce K.; Cai, Y J.Evaluation of the Application of the Longwall Top Coal Caving (LTCC) Method in Australia2004
Davies, BrianThe Control of Diesel Particulates in Underground Coal Mines2004
Kendorski, Francis S.Problems in Void Detection in Coal Mine Water Hazards2004
De Rosa, Maria I.Analyses of Mobile Equipment Fires for All U.S. Surface and Underground Coal and Metal/Nonmetal Mining Categories, 1990-1999 (CDC NIOSH Information Circular (IC) 9467)2004
Ralston, Jonathon C.; Hainsworth, David W.; McPhee, Ronald J.; Reid, David C.; Hargrave, Chad O.Application of Signal Processing Technology for Automatic Underground Coal Mining Machinery2003
Noppe, M.A.The Measurement and Control of Dilution in an Underground Coal Operation2003
Asbury, B.; Dezeeuw, M.; Cigla, M.; Ozdemir, L.Results of Practical Design Modifications for Respirable Dust Reduction on Continuous Miners in Underground Coal Mining2003

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