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Ugwuegbu, C.C.Mineral Economics - Segilola Gold Mine Valuation Using Monte Carlo Simulation Approach (Can$ 39.95)2013
Lane, G.R; Terblanche, M; Meyer, G; Sasto, NCase study on quantitative risk modelling to obtain a realistic risk adjusted project valuation2012
Macfarlane, A.The update of the South African Mineral Asset Valuation Code (SAMVAL)2012
Finan, Anthony; Ouvrard, MaryelleSRI News - Spring 20112011
Tang, BrianDetermining the Real Value of Junior Mining Companies2010
Shafiee, S.; Topal, E.; Nehring, M.Adjusted Real Option Valuation to Maximise Mining Project Value – A Case Study Using Century Mine2009
VenmynValuation Methods For Mineral Projects2006
Roberts, CraigValuation of Advanced Mining Projects & Operating Mines: Market Comparable Approaches2006
Ellis, TrevorPhilosophy and Application of the International Valuation Standards for Minerals and Petroleum2004
Ellis, Trevor R.Mineral Property Valuation Standards – A US Perspective: Marching with the International Valuation and International Financial Reporting Standards2002
Schodde, RichardHow to Value an Exploration Project2002
Ellis, Trevor R.Funding Dangers Posed by Extractive Industries International Accounting Standard2001
Ellis, Trevor R.The US Mineral Property Valuation Patchwork of Regulations and Standards2000
Ellis, Trevor R.Appraisals of a Gold Property - A Case Study of Reserve Additions2000
Lawrence, Michael J.Overview of Valuation Papers Presented to SME (USA) and CIM/PDAC (Canada) Conventions in 20002000
Sorentino, CarlosValuation Methodology for VALMIN2000
Bourassa, Michael J.Should the VALMIN Code be Mandatory? - Comparisons to the Canadian Experience: Observations and Comments From a Canadian Lawyer2000
Appleyard, G.R.Working With VALMIN. A Practitioner's View2000
Blumer, John M.The VALMIN Code - Bible, Roadmap or Signpost?2000
Lawrence, Michael J.The AusIMM's VALMIN Code (1998) - Now an International Guide to Project Assessment and Valuation Best Practice2000
Ellis, Trevor R.Ethical Dilemmas Posed During a Mineral Project Appraisal2000
Ellis, Trevor R.; Abbott, D.M.; Sandri, H.J.Trends in the Regulation of Mineral Deposit Valuation1999

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