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Hartman, Howard L.; Mutmansky, Jan M.; Ramani, Raja V.; Wang, Y. J.Mine Ventilation and Air Conditioning, 3rd Edition (Can$ 215.99)1997
Enright, Chris; Ferrier, Robert L.Mine Rescue Manual: A Comprehensive Guide for Mine Rescue Team Members (Can$ 155)2015
Bise, Christopher J.Modern American Coal Mining: Methods and Applications (Can$ 129)2013
Banerjee, S.P.Mine Ventilation (Can$ 40)2003
Schatzel, S.; Krog, R.; Dougherty, H.Field Study of Longwall Coal Mine Ventilation and Bleeder Performance2012
Pritchard, Christopher. J.Keynote Address 14th US/North American Mine Ventilation Symposium2012
Janisko, S.Toward Mind Aerosol and Ventilation Mapping Through Compuser Vision-Assisted Sensing2012
Haney, R.Ventilation Requirements for Modern Diesel Engines2012
Wempen, J.A Study of Recirculation in a Coal Mine Ventilation Model2012
Tuck, M.; Pillay, M.Harmonization and Standardization of Risk Management of Underground Ventilation in Australia2012
Griffith, J.; Kimball, J.Pilot Study-Protection Factor of Closed Can Equipment for Diesel Particulate Matter in an Underground Mine2012
 Rutas de Escape en Caso de Emergencia: Diseno y Ejecucion con Particular Enfasis en Chimeneas de Rescate2012
Puig, J.; Perez, E.Ventilacion Principal Mina San Vicente (Bolivia)2012
 Ventilation on Demand for a High Productivity Longwall Mine Project2012
Collingwood, W.; Raj, K.V.; Bandopadhyay, S.CFD Modeling of Pollution Transport in Open Pit Mines Under Arctic Air Inversion2012
Brune, J.; Sapko, M.A Modeling Study on Longwall Tailgate Ventilation2012
Calizaya, F.Utilizacion de Ventiladores Secundarios2012
Leeming, J.An Alternative Solution to the Problem of Efficiently Ventilating Room and Pillar Workings2012
Hurtado, J. ; Diaz, N.; Maya, C.; Acuna, E.Caracterizacion Numerica y Experimental de Perdidas de Carga en el Nivel de Produccion en Metodo Block Caving2012
Worrall, D.; Wachel, E.; Ozbay, U.; Munoz,D.; Grubb,J.Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of a Sealed Longwall GOB in an Underground Coal Mine2012
Rueda, N.; Toro, C.Optimizacion del Sistema de Ventilacion en una Mina de Gran Altura, Compania Minera Raura2012
Kollipara, V.; Gurley, H.; Chugh, Y.A CFD Analysis of Air Flow Patterns in Face Area for Continuous Miner Making a Straight Initial Cut2012
Corimanya, J.A.; Mendez, F.R.Planeamiento de Ventilacion Asistida para la Unidad Peruana San Cristobal-Cia. Minera San Cristobal2012
Kollipara, V.; Gurley, H.; Chugh,Y. ; Pulliam, J.An Experimental Study of Approaches to Minimize Pressure Loss Within Wet Scrubber and Their Effect on Coal Dust Control2012
Arya, SandeepUpdating Leeville Mine Ventilation System to Support Future Growth2012
Rubeli, B.; Hardcastle, S.; Gangal, M.; Lyle, G.; Bullock, K;. Dasys, A.Live Transmission of Real Time Engine, Exhaust Quality and Ambient Data from Mobile Diesel Equipment2012
Ruckman, R.; Bowling, J.Comparison of Barometer Pressure Surveys with Other Measurement Techniques for Determining Frictional Pressure Loss in Shafts2012
Brake, R.Series Ventilation Circuits in Hardrock Mines: Can They Be Designed and Operated Safely?2012
Duckworth, I.Fifteen Years of Resistance Data Collected at Freeport Indonesia2012
Loomis, I.; Duckworth, I.Planning and Selection of the Main Fans for the Grasberg Block Cave Mine2012

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