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Environmentally Sound Practices in the Aggregates Industry: Chapter 02: Air and Noise Pollution

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Description: This is clip 2 of 7 for this video. Air and noise pollution are two major concerns that communities have about neighboring mining operations. Governmental regulations are in place to limit the amount of air emissions allowed in the mining industry. Two types of air emissions must be controlled, point-source and fugitive emissions. Wet-suppression, Bag-house filtration, or enclosures can reduce point-source dust emissions. Wetting aggregate pile during loading, wetting roadways and controlling the speed limit of vehicles will reduce fugitive emissions. Blasting creates short term dust emissions and ground vibrations. Acceptable blasting times and vibration limits must be adhered to in order to minimize community complains. Enclosures will also reduce the amount of noise pollution emitting from the plant. Shrubs and trees will act as a buffer zone between operational noise and the community. Author: Maryland Center for Environmental Training / College of Southern Maryland Publication D
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