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Cerro Rico, Potosi, Bolivia

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Source: YouTube
Added: 7 years ago
Tags: cerro, rico, potosi, bolivia, miners, silver
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Description: Scene from 'Grito de piedra', a documentary by director Ton van Zantvoort. If your interested in the full high resolution version, please visit http://docsonline.tv/?search=Grito%20de%20piedra&type=title&docinfo=118 The inhabitants of the village of Potosí in Bolivia predominantly live off the yield from the mines of Cerro Rico (rich hill). For hundreds of years, they've been mining minerals like silver and zinc there. Time seems to have stood still in Potosí. No large machines, just a hammer and chisel, headlamps and sticks of dynamite. But Cerro Rico is nearing depletion, so the locals have to find new sources of income. This lyrical documentary with social- economical undertone, not only gives an inside view of the fascinating hardships of the silvermines mines but also of a culture slowly losing its way.
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