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FEFLOW Model for Flooded Salt Mine (Stereoscopic 3D)

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Source: YouTube
Added: 4 years ago
Tags: model, software, underground, flooded, salt, feflow
Categories: Library
Description: Animated visualization of a 3D groundwater model for a flooded salt mine (software FEFLOW - www.feflow.info). Objective of the project Using the abandoned and flooded historical salt mine located near Staßfurt, Germany, as a case study, improve the general knowledge of the dynamics of naturally or intentionally flooded salt mines. Approach A regional three-dimensional mass-transport FEFLOW® model was built for the project area, including detailed 3D geometric schematizations of the mine workings. In addition two-dimensional type-models were computed, for instance to study chemical reaction kinetics, where NaCl and MgCl2 represent the dominant salt species. Precipitation and dissolution are controlled by the amount of available MgCl2, due to this the bulk density is affected. Furthermore, permeability and porosity are also modified dynamically by precipitation and dissolution. Benefit Applying the FEFLOW® model it could be shown that the relevant processes in a flooded salt-mine can be
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