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Poison in the Lifeline: Omai Gold Mine Disaster - Part 1 of 3

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Source: YouTube
Added: 10 years ago
Tags: guyana, omai, gold, cyanide, south, america, waste, tailings, disaster, environmental
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Description: Poison in the Lifeline (27min) 1995 Omai Gold Mine Disaster. POISON IN THE LIFELINE highlights the events and consequences of the Omai Mine disaster in Guyana (1995 ), tracing the history of the disaster and examining the situation of extractive industries in relation to the 40,000 Aboriginal people who live permanently in the interior. The current thrust towards large scale extractive industries carries very serious and demonstrated perils. The Canadian owned Omai Gold mine in Guyana with an annual production which exceeds a quarter of a million troy ounces of gold yearly, is one of South America's largest mines. In August 1995 the dam for the reservoir containing waste material broke sending millions of liters of sludge laced with cyanide (used for gold extraction) into Guyana's largest river. It was declared the worse mine disaster for the environment in history. The coordinators of the Guiana Shield Media Project were on the scene and able to document the con
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