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GoldUnited States, CADeposit

California Gold Silver & Platinum Mine

Gold, Silver, Platinum mine, California. 100+ acres, fee and claims, with living quarters, mill site, highway access and rail service. Production records. Premier geologist estimates $US6 billion metal value. $US200 million.
GoldUnited States, CADeposit

AJAX Mines Property Google Map

• 800 Acres: Mining Claims • Estimated Value: $13.3 Billion • Tailings on the property are valued at $12 Million • Contains Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc, Copper and More • Lode and Open Pit Mining • Projected Production: 1,000 tons per day • Previously Owned by Anaconda Mining Inc. and Cherie Tilley (Miner of the Year 2013) • INCLUSIVE CLAIMS: AJAX (11 claims), REVENUE (19 claims), COSO (4 claims), ACE (4 claims), OLD TIMER (2 claims) • Total value per ton: $1,100 (for top minerals)
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GoldUnited States, IDDepositNew Listing

Fall Creek Property Google Map

The property hosts the former New York Mine. Explored by Newmont in 1989.
GoldUnited States, AZDeposit

Commonwealth Extension Mining Claims

Four patented lode mining claims on approx. 60 acres
GoldUnited States, AKDeposit

Victory Ridge Gold Property Google Map

Lode gold early stage exploration property on ridge above major gold placers. Has 10 drill holes and large open-ended gold-in-soil anomaly.
GoldUnited States, CADeposit

Black Hawk Mine Property Google Map

FIRESALE! Permit and Productions Ready! Proven Gold Reserves: 673,871 , Price: $5 Million
GoldUnited States, AZDeposit

Mohave Mine Project/New Information to come soon Property Google Map

More information to come soon.
GoldUnited States, CADeposit

Taber Mine Property Google Map

1 mile virgin tertiary river deposit between two documented historic high producers. Upstream mine produced many solid gold nuggets of 90+ ounces.
GoldUnited States, AZDeposit

Swallow Mine Property Google Map

Offers Invited for JV or Option
GoldUnited States, NVDeposit

Eastern Nevada Gold Placer Property Google Map

840 acre claim group consisting of 7 placer gold claims with past test work performed.
GoldUnited States, CADeposit

Erik Gold Mine for Sale

For Sale By Owner - A block of nine lode claims in Northern California
GoldUnited States, MTDeposit

Hidden Lake Mine Property Google Map

80 acres patented, 80koz@ 0.177 underground inferred reserve, have all data drilled in the 80's and 90's
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GoldUnited StatesDepositNew Listing

Chateau Paris Estates, Inc.

GoldUnited States, AZDepositNew Listing

West Brothers/Hog Canyon Mines Property Google Map

GoldUnited States, AZDeposit

Placer Assets

GoldUnited States, NVDeposit

Standard Hill Mines

GoldUnited States, MTDeposit

DWS - Kelly Property Google Map

GoldUnited States, NVDeposit

Nevada Wollastonite Property

GoldUnited States, CADeposit

Holly Mine

GoldUnited States, AZDeposit

West Brothers/Hog Canyon Property Google Map

GoldUnited States, CADeposit


GoldUnited States, NVDeposit

Nike/Converse West/East

GoldUnited States, NVDeposit

Coal Canyon

GoldUnited States, MTDeposit


GoldUnited States, UTDeposit

Drum Mine

GoldUnited States, SCDeposit

Close to Haile Goldmine

GoldUnited States, AKDeposit

Chititu Mines Corp. Property Google Map

GoldUnited States, NVDeposit


GoldUnited States, AZDeposit

April Fools Mine

GoldUnited StatesDeposit

Massive Sulfide & Gossan

GoldUnited States, CADeposit

Surcease Mine Property Google Map

GoldUnited States, AZDeposit

Banner Group Property Google Map

GoldUnited States, IDDeposit

hannah claims Property Google Map

GoldUnited States, WADeposit

Monte Cristo Property

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