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GraphiteCanada, ONDeposit

Rockstone Graphite Deposit

Large graphite deposit grading 25.0 percent graphite available for sale or option near Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. Deposit is on surface and amenable to open pit mining. Excellent infrastructure with road access, 60 km to shipping. Diamond drill hole GC-12-01 returns 25.0 percent graphite over 24 meters. Graphite is hexagonal, highly crystalline. Graphite deposit is open in all directions. Host structure is a volcanic breccia pipe. Rockstone graphite is of hydrothermal origin.
UraniumCanada, SKDeposit

South Dufferin Property Google Map

South Dufferin Project Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan The South Dufferin project is a 100% owned Denison Mines Corp property lying just off the southern margin of the prolific Athabasca Basin of northern Saskatchewan . The property covers the southern extension of the Virgin River Shear Zone which hosts known uranium mineralization at Cameco’s Centennial deposit approximately 20 – 25 kilometres along trend to the north. Exploration potential exists for basement-hosted uranium mineral
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ZincCanada, ONDeposit


Zinc and copper: Ten drill-ready zinc copper geophysical targets are available for immediate testing. Drill target #1 returns 24.0 meters averaging
MolybdenumCanada, BCDeposit

Crazy Fox

Crazy Fox Property for sale near Clearwater, BC
GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Readymix Property

Readymix Property for sale near Clearwater, BC
GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Mount Skinner Property Google Map

CopperCanada, BCDeposit

Canyon Creek Property Google Map

NickelCanada, ONDeposit

Bannockburn Nickel Property Google Map

GoldCanada, YTDeposit

Soda Creek

GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Brett West/Bouleau Creek Gold Property Google Map

Road-accessible property featuring gold and silver mineralization over an area of approximately 1,000 by 600 metres w/ assays up to 34 g/t gold.
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Cobalt, Copper, Gold, GraphiteCanada, NLDepositNew Listing

Cabot Project

MolybdenumCanada, QCDepositNew Listing


VanadiumCanada, QCDepositNew Listing


Copper, MolybdenumCanada, ONDepositNew Listing


GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Snow Creek Northern BC Property Google Map

GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Rosella Creek Placer Gold Property Property Google Map

GoldCanada, QCDeposit

Urban Barry Properties For Option

Uranium, VanadiumCanada, SKDepositRecently Updated

Duddridge Lake North Property Google Map

Cobalt, Copper, GoldCanadaDeposit


LithiumCanada, ONDeposit

Crescent Lake Ontario Lithium Property

Copper, GoldCanada, QCDeposit

Troilus SW

DiamondCanada, SKDeposit

Montreal Lake Property Google Map

DiamondCanada, SKDeposit

Fort a la Corne Property Google Map

Gold, Nickel, PlatinumCanada, BCDeposit

Double Magic Property Google Map




Julliane Lake

ZincCanada, ONDeposit

Whitney VMS Property

GraphiteCanada, BCDeposit


Copper, Gold, Molybdenum, SilverCanada, QCDeposit

MacLeod Lake Property Google Map

Copper, Gold, ZincCanada, NLDeposit

Rust Pond Project


Rogue Harbour VMS Project (R.H.P.)

Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Graphite, MarbleCanada, NLDepositRecently Updated

Cabot VMS-Gold-Graphite Property Google Map

GoldCanada, ONDeposit

Straw Lake Beach Gold Mine

GoldCanada, ONDeposit

Wurm-Adams Land

BariteCanada, ONDeposit

Barite - Calcite Deposit


Solo Lake Cu-Au-Ag Project

LithiumCanada, ONDeposit

Ontario Lithium Property


Lightning Peak Property Google Map

GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Dry Hill Hydraulic Property Google Map

CopperCanada, BCDeposit

Red Star Property Google Map

SilicaCanada, BCDeposit

Mount Wilson Property Google Map

Rare earthCanadaDeposit

Heavy Rare Earth Elements

Rare earthCanada, QCDeposit

philidelphia Property Google Map

Gold, Lead, Silver, ZincCanada, NLDeposit

Argentia Gold Property Google Map


Tungsten 4

GoldCanada, YTDeposit

Brewer Creek Gold Placer Property Google Map

GoldCanada, NLDeposit

Little River

MolybdenumCanada, BCDeposit

MAC PROJECT 43-101 Resources Estimate Property Google Map

CoalCanada, BCDeposit

Wapitti south Property Google Map

Rare earthCanada, QCDeposit

Grevet REE Property Google Map

CopperCanada, BCDeposit


Copper, Lead, Silver, ZincCanada, BCDeposit


GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Hello Dave Property Google Map

Gold, GraphiteCanada, BCDeposit

Skeena (Graphite) Property Google Map

CoalCanada, ABDeposit

GCE Property Google Map

NiobiumCanada, BCDeposit

Aley Creek Niobium Property Google Map

CopperCanada, NLDeposit

Turks Gut Property Google Map

Iron oreCanada, ONDeposit

Monpre Iron Ore Project Property Google Map

Iron oreCanada, ONDeposit

Monpre Iron Ore Project Property Google Map

UraniumCanada, SKDeposit

Athabasca Basin Don henry Mine

GoldCanada, ONDeposit

Don's Lake Property Google Map

CopperCanada, YTDeposit

Hart River Property Google Map

CopperCanada, NUDeposit

Rochon Lake Property Google Map

GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Strawberry Island BC placer gold claims

CoalCanada, BCDeposit

Coal Creek

VanadiumCanada, QCDeposit


Iron oreCanada, NLDeposit

Newfoundland iron ore

CopperCanada, ONDeposit

Massey Copper Mine site

CopperCanada, BCDeposit

Sunro Copper


Begbie Flagstone

Iron oreCanada, ONDeposit

Clay Howells

Rare earthCanada, ONDeposit

Coldwell Complex

CoalCanada, ABDeposit

Hinton Coal Project

Iron oreCanada, NLDeposit

Menihek Lake Iron Ore

GoldCanada, ONDeposit

Black Gold Mine

LithiumCanada, QCDeposit

Pontax Li Property Google Map

MolybdenumCanada, QCDeposit

Tilly Property Google Map

Beryllium, Bismuth, Emerald, Feldspar, Fluorite, Rare earth, Rubidium, Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, YttriumCanada, BCDeposit

Major Hart REE Emerald Project

GoldCanada, SKDeposit

North Sask Gold Property Google Map


Grog Pond GOLD

GoldCanada, NLDeposit

Long Gulley GOLD

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