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Total Number of Properties in the Current List: 24
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ZincCanada, BCDepositNew Listing

Lady Property

Lady Property located near Kamloops, BC
SilverCanada, BCDepositNew Listing

Tangle Property

GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Readymix Property

Readymix Property for sale near Clearwater, BC
CopperCanada, BCDeposit

Canyon Creek Property Google Map

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ZincCanada, ONDepositNew Listing

Whitney VMS Property

GraphiteCanada, BCDeposit


Copper, Gold, ZincCanada, NLDeposit

Rust Pond Project


Rogue Harbour VMS Project (R.H.P.)


Lightning Peak Property Google Map

Rare earthCanada, QCDeposit

philidelphia Property Google Map

Gold, Lead, Silver, ZincCanada, NLDeposit

Argentia Gold Property Google Map

AntimonyCanada, NLDeposit

Little River

Rare earthCanada, QCDeposit

Grevet REE Property Google Map

Gold, GraphiteCanada, BCDeposit

Skeena (Graphite) Property Google Map

CopperCanada, NLDeposit

Turks Gut Property Google Map

UraniumCanada, SKDeposit

Athabasca Basin Don henry Mine

CopperCanada, ONDeposit

Massey Copper Mine site

Rare earthCanada, ONDeposit

Coldwell Complex

GoldCanada, ONDeposit

Black Gold Mine

LithiumCanada, QCDeposit

Pontax Li Property Google Map

MolybdenumCanada, QCDeposit

Tilly Property Google Map

GoldCanada, SKDeposit

North Au/Ni Property Property Google Map


Grog Pond GOLD

GoldCanada, NLDeposit

Long Gulley GOLD

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