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Hidden Lake Mine

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  • Deposit Type: Vein, Breccia and Stockwork, Epithermal
  • Commodity: Gold
  • State/Province: MT
  • Country: United States
  • Latitude: 46° 14' 0'' N
  • Longitude: 113° 12' 0'' W

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Hidden Lake Mine, MT

HLM drill roads

80 acre patented private property with good road has intrinsic real estate value, timber value, as well as inferred mineable UG gold reserves in the range of 80,000 ounces of gold. 96 holes, 36.5 kft drilling. Total resource of all high and low grade is between 100-200k oz including all low grade. Past produced 25k oz from 108k tons. All maps and drill logs, etc. available. Nearby recreation areas within 5 miles incl. scenic Georgetown Lake and Discovery Basin Ski Area. Best drill hole 155'@ 0.203 opt Au, and many other similar impressive intercepts. See link

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