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Swallow Mine

Featured Listing

  • Deposit Type: Vein, Breccia and Stockwork
  • Commodity: Copper, Gold
  • State/Province: AZ
  • Country: United States
  • Latitude: 34° 3' 20'' N
  • Longitude: 112° 30' 36'' W
  • Deal Type: Sale
  • Conditions:
    The Mine is available for sale or lease with purchase option. If lease, there would be an agreed work contribution to the property. Sale price negotiable.

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Proven Gold & Copper Deposit

Swallow Ore
Reports indicate that from 1890 to 1939; 8,300 tons of ore was processed from three vein structures. This tonnage produced 2,640 ounces of gold and 3,800,000 pounds of cooper. Currently, in sight are ledges and vein structures plus several other mineral zones showing significant cooper and gold oxide ore.

CU – Average 10-12 % with grades up to 20%
AU – Average 0.35 opt with grades up to 3.00 opt

28 continuous mineral claims = 560 Acres
Survey certified - all staking in place

Patented Property = 13+ Acres

Grinding and Mill Circuit in place including; Jaw Crusher, a Primary and Secondary Roll Crusher, Stutenroth Pulverizer, Ball Mill, Shaker Table, Spiral Separator and Falcon Centrifuge plus other support tools and equipment.

2 Wells & Water Rights established - 70+ acre-feet

There is a significant amount of ore mined and on the ground that can produce cash flow while proving additional reserves.

Permitting is in place for bulk sampling and exploration.

Previous Examinations and Reports

Phelps-Dodge did an exploration and examination of the property in 1990-91. They did considerable assay, geochemical testing and geological mapping. The reports and correspondence are very favorable and available for review.

There are other assays, geological, metallurgical and various examination reports also available. With a Confidentiality Agreement in place all of this information and more is available for review.

Quote from recent report of metallurgical tests conducted on two samples: ''Both ore samples responded very well to the flotation procedure employed- Rougher float recoveries indicate 90% to 95% of the gold reporting to the rougher concentrates. SW #1 provided 42.9 ounces of gold per ton reporting to the first cleaner concentrate. In SW #2, the first cleaner concentrate contained 23.4 ounces of gold per ton.''

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