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Premium Listing

  • Deposit Type: Porphyry
  • Commodity: Copper
  • Country: Australia
  • Latitude: 19° S
  • Longitude: 145° E
  • Deal Type: Joint Venture
  • Conditions:
  • Price: 15,000,000.00
  • Currency:

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Porphyry mines are the giants of copper mines - they supply 65% of the worlds copper and they are usually large and long life mines.
Moggie Mining Ltd has discovered three large porphyry copper gold molybdenum deposits and five porphyry copper prospects.
Drilling and geophysics show that these deposits may hold some billions of tonnes of ore.
These deposits are in North East Queensland, Australia, a very politically stable country with a good legal system.
These deposits have access to rail, water, grid electricity and a local labor force which will allow a much lower capital cost to start a mining operation.


Location Map
Map showing the Greenvale area in relation to Townsville, Cairns and Charters Towers. The mines shown by crossed picks are present and past mines and show that the area is mineralised. The black lines are deep seated fault lines which are often good guides to ore deposits, especially where they intersect.


Geology Map
The Burdekin Fault is the major fault. The sedimentary rocks are part of an extension basin. This basin has been pushed back across the Burdekin Fault to the west at a later stage.

Water Supply

Burdekin River
The Burdekin River 9 km. south of Copperfield deposit, a permanent river. The Queensland Government has surveyed four sites in the immediate area for future dams.

Rail Access

Disused railroad running from Greenvale to port at Townsville - 225 km length. The railroad has been maintained and the cost to re-commission it would be small compared to constructing a new line.

Satellite Image

Satellite Image
Poison Lake is 600 hectare Diatreme situated directly to the east of the Poison Lake M deposit. Poison Lake is a swamp, not a lake and is non perennial. Poison Lake Is named for a bush which is poisonous to cattle. Note that Poison Lake is situated on top of a mountain range.

Poison Lake M IP survey

Poison Lake M IP
A Gradient Aray Induced Polarization survey of the Poison Lake M deposit.
The survey area is 2,500 metres by 2,500 metres. Exploration work and drilling shows that the deposit is a porphyry copper gold deposit with later epithermal gold mineralization.

Poison Lake N IP survey

Poison Lake N IP survey
A Gradient Array Induced Polarization survey of Poison Lake N.
Poison Lake N is approximately 8 km. north west of Poison Lake M. The survey area is 1,000 metes by 1,500. The survey needs to be extended on all four sides to determine the full extent of the IP anomaly. The deposit may be donut shaped with a lower grade core - not unusual in porphyry deposits.

Copperfield IP survey

Copperfield IP survey
A Gradient Array Induced Polarization survey of the Copperfield deposit.
The survey area is 2,000 metres by 1,800 metres. Moggie has a Dipole Dipole Induced Polarization survey of the same area which confirms the results of the
Gradient Array survey.

Copperfield Area Geology

Copperfield Area Geology
Geological map showing the Copperfield deposit and prospects in the area.

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