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  • Deposit Type: Ultramafic / Mafic Association
  • Commodity: Gold
  • State/Province: West Papua
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Deal Type: Joint Venture
  • Conditions:
    * Investment * Joint Venture * Lease

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Fresh mining concession available in Papua Indonesia

Our company SPP Mining B.V. offers hereby a one-time opportunity for mining business in one of the mineral richest Island of the world ‘Papua’, Indonesia.

SPP Mining BV has spent nearly four years, in searching the right location of mineral potential in Papua, including six months sediment sampling and small scale trial mining, until finally set a decision to do the acquisition over the current mining site.
At the moment we are still holding a concession of 300,000 hectares in the ‘ mineral belt of Papua’ which we are now offering for lease.

Because mineral exploration always involves significant fund, times and experts, thus it is very clear, it would not be easy for single mining company, to do faster geological or geophysical exploration in a such a large area. Thus, nowadays there is still many parts of its territory have remained untouched by modern methods of mineral exploration, at the standard of industrial scale. (Even though this situation profits SPP Investment BV in anyway, to put its signature at the right moment in this mineral rich island; while the mining business are decreasing in the other part of the world, hence it is more difficult to find fresh mining sites, but for Papua Indonesia it is the beginning).

Our Offer;

* lease of 5,000 hectares – 300,000 hectares concession containing gold and other minerals; Diamonds, Copper, Platinum, Oil and Gas, Iron ore, Uranium, Coal and more.
* maximum 30 years period of leasing
* Option for establishing a joint venture
* Investment possibilities

SPP Mining B.V. possess a new Geological Map of Indonesia which shows the distribution of ultramafic rock. Exploration needs to be done by the leasing company itself.

We are welcoming any serious investor and are open for negotiations, for further information please contact us on

Best regards,

SPP Mining B.V.

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