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  • Deposit Type: Vein, Breccia and Stockwork
  • Commodity: Copper
  • State/Province: Ovalle, 4th Region of Coquimbo
  • Country: Chile
  • Latitude: 30° 15' 0'' S
  • Longitude: 70° 32' 32'' W
  • Deal Type: Option
  • Conditions:
    This property is open to sale by an option contract, wich terms of price, payment and duration to be negotiated.

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The 1200 ha mining concessions coverage of this prospect, well take care of the two prospective areas: a strata bound calcocite-covelite mineralization in arkosic sandstones and andesite lavas of cretacic age; in the north sector and intense hydrothermally altered area with quartz and oxide copper veinlets show up. A regional epidotization of the sediments presents chloritization and potassic alteration. Silver contents were detected in the sulphide minerals.
Exploration works performed in the area include pits and trenching, where some tonnages of oxide copper minerals were mined. An IP geophysic survey disclose several chargeability anomalies.

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