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Mount Skinner

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  • Deposit Type: Vein, Breccia and Stockwork
  • Commodity: Gold
  • State/Province: BC
  • Country: Canada
  • Latitude: 51° 41' 0'' N
  • Longitude: 124° 23' 32'' W
  • Deal Type: Option
  • Conditions:
    Several possibilities are open, from an outright sale, to a joint venture for small-mining purposes, to an option for additional exploration and eventual purchase of the property (in whole or in part.) Extensive documentation about this property is available on the website

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British Columbia high-grade gold deposit

Victoria Vein adit collar, Mt. Skinner

High-grade gold deposit discovered in 1990 by current private owners. In 1992/94 a small amount of surface diamond drilling (929m in 15 holes) indicated a near-surface resource of approximately 3000 tonnes of ore grading over 50 grams per tonne, for a gold content of more than 150kg (approx. 5000 ounces). Bulk sampling in 1992/93 and 1995/97 produced 40.26 kg of gold in 701.35 tonnes, for a head grade of 57.40 grams per tonne, confirming the grades to be expected. The property was put on hold in 1998 due to collapsing gold prices. A mining leasehold on the deposit was applied for in 2010, which was obtained in december 2015.

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