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Goldie Lithium Pegmatites

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  • Deposit Type: Hard Rock
  • Commodity: Lithium
  • State/Province: ON
  • Country: Canada
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Goldie Lithium Pegmatites

field specimen
A group of lithium-bearing pegmatites located in Goldie Township, 40 km west of Thunder Bay, were mapped by Steeprock Iron Mines in 1981. The target commodity then was feldspar with high K2O content. A total of six pegmatite dikes were mapped and sampled. Scott (1981) concluded that feldspar of economic grade is present on the property. Trace element values obtained from samples returned Rb 110-2200 ppm, Be<10 - 60 ppm, Cs 9-79 ppm, Ta <5-24 ppm, W <5-10 ppm, Y 20-440 ppm and U 0.6 - 7.2 ppm. Scott classified one of the dikes as a rare metal pegmatite. The Buda Dike has an exposed strike length of greater than 1200 feet and an apparent width of 85 feet. A larger dike (Steeprock) is located to the northwest.
Only two samples from the property have been tested for lithium; one pegmatite specimen returns 210 ppm Li. Prospecting should be performed on the exposed pegmatites in search of spodumene and lepidolite. Gravel road access to the property is very good with paved highway 40 kilometers to a shipping port.

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