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Gold Placer Mines & Mineral Properties

Total Number of Properties in the Current List: 30
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GoldUnited States, CADeposit

Ruby Mine Property Google Map

Famous gold producer: Known for concentrations of large nuggets and coarse gold. 3 to 4 miles of unmined, gold-bearing Tertiary Channels on property with 150,000 oz. and more potential per geologists' estimates. Turn-key project: Under $700 per oz. mining cost projected by recent Mining Plan.
GoldUnited States, AZDeposit

Placer Assets, LLC

LOCATION: The location is remarkably easy being about 45 minutes NW of Tucson, AZ and easily accessible by car. The land is flat and easily developed with power on site. GEOLOGICAL REPORT: Available is a 32 page geological mining report completed by a very highly regarded mining geologist. Any interested Party can feel free to contact him after receiving his report. MAGNETOMETER SURVEY: This magnetometer survey shows a very large amount of magnetite black sand present on site.
Featured Listings
GoldUnited States, CADeposit

Black Hawk Mine Property Google Map

FIRESALE! Permit and Productions Ready! Proven Gold Reserves: 673,871 , Price: $5 Million
GoldUnited States, CADeposit

Taber Mine Property Google Map

1 mile virgin tertiary river deposit between two documented historic high producers. Upstream mine produced many solid gold nuggets of 90+ ounces.
GoldCanada, YTDeposit

Soda Creek

GoldUnited States, NVDeposit

Eastern Nevada Gold Placer Property Google Map

840 acre claim group consisting of 7 placer gold claims with past test work performed.
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GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Snow Creek Northern BC Property Google Map

GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Rosella Creek Placer Gold Property Property Google Map

GoldUnited StatesDeposit

N. Nevada placer mine

GoldUnited States, NVDeposit

Carlin Trend placer gold


El Cajoncito Property Google Map

GoldPapua New GuineaDeposit

Deona Alluvial Mine Project

GoldSierra LeoneDeposit

Gold Exploration Project

GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Dry Hill Hydraulic Property Google Map


El Tapir I, II, and IV Property Google Map


Rionegro Au Project Property Google Map


Zimic Mining Pvt. Ltd. Property Google Map


Placer Gold Project in Central Mongolia

GoldCanada, NLDeposit

Argentia Gold Property Google Map

GoldCanada, YTDeposit

Brewer Creek Gold Placer Property Google Map


GDPS Mining



GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Hello Dave Property Google Map

GoldUnited States, MTDeposit


GoldCanada, BCDeposit

Strawberry Island BC placer gold claims



GoldUnited States, AKDeposit

Chititu Mines Corp. Property Google Map



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