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Evaluate, Select and Plan your Career
Develop yourself further
InfoMine, through its education arm EduMine, offers a wide range of courses and certificate programs to further your skills and training needs. EduMine offers accessible, cost effective solutions for individuals, companies and institutions that allow the worldwide mining community to continue to develop its people. EduMine collaborates with educational institutions and professional associations around the world, and has an extensive network of subject matter experts. It boasts over 160 English online courses, over 30 Spanish online courses and over 60 short courses and live webcasts.
During a self assessment, you learn about your interests, personality, values and aptitudes. You can use this information to get a good understanding of where you are in your life and career and can use the results to find a good career match.
Career skills
Self assessment
Psychometric Test online
Psychometric Testing
Career planning is the continuous process of thinking about your interests, values, skills and preferences, exploring the life, work and learning options available to you and ensuring that your work fits with your personal circumstances.
Career path
How to plan career success
Career planning
Setting goals gives your life direction and is the process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.
Mind Tools
Set goals
Career tracking keeps you in charge of your development and performance and assist you to measure your progress against the goals you have set.

To get the most out of career planning, it's important to understand what exactly you are planning for. Career includes all of the work, learning, and leisure activities that you are involved in throughout your life. Good career planning requires information about you, the world of work and commitment.

Develop your Skills and Capability
Put yourself on the management track
If so, prepare yourself with an EduMine Management Certificate Program. Designed to provide you with the breadth and depth of knowledge required to help you succeed as a manager, these Programs will help you make informed management decisions. EduMine's Management Programs provide you with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the mining process, plus an in depth understanding of the core knowledge components relevant to the management position you are aiming for.
Become more effective at your job.
Deepen your skill level by certifying in an EduMine Vocational Certificate. These Certificates combine several related courses using a logical learning path and clearly defined objectives. The EduMine Vocational Certificate Programs will help you excel at your job.
Engage and learn with experts, face to face
EduMine offers in class short courses by industry experts on all topics relevant to mining. Enjoy the opportunity to engage with peers and the experts face to face while learning. Or let us help you bring the expert to your team - we will find the right expert for your team's needs.
Don't let budgets or time constraints get in the way of your professional development
EduMine offers distance learning through live webcasts to ensure you can continue to grow. We bring in subject matter experts on mining, mining engineering and geosciences topics and you can participate in the learning and discussion from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. EduMine's webcasts ensure you have the opportunity to stay abreast of new trends and technologies even if you are situated remotely or can't be away from work.
ConferenceMine provides an opportunity for specialists and technology users to exchange information, discuss the latest research and propose innovative solutions to technical issues. We offer two options for professional development:
  • Attend our conferences and specialized short courses, to help you stay at the cutting edge of the latest research, science and leading practices in your field, and to network with your peers;
  • Speak at our conferences, share your knowledge and contribute to the industry's development. If recognition as an expert is your goal, becoming a speaker will get you there faster.
Network and discover
EventsMine is at the forefront of providing mining events worldwide. Use EventsMine to plan and attend mining's major and most popular events worldwide.
Learn while you earn
However you can support your practical experience with convenient online learning - the EduMine online library of courses has courses that could deepen your understanding of the job you perform.
Develop the mining skills of your people
With our extensive online course library and network of expert short course/webcast presenters we can help you develop a training program that maximizes the opportunity for your people to develop while minimizing their time away from work.
Get professional development, career advancement and cross training in different disciplines
EduMine collaborates with universities and course providers on the university accredited Certificate in Mining Studies (CMS) program. Using a blended learning approach to minimize the need for travel and time away from the job, you can structure your own program from a range of courses and providers to suit your career objectives. And another great perk - you can complete the program in your own time. Should you be looking for educational institutions active in mining and the geosciences around the world? You will find an extensive list of these institutions and mining schools on EduMine. We also collaborate with universities and course providers on the university accredited Certificate in Mining Studies (CMS) program. Find out more about this program.

Skill Development means developing yourself and your skill sets to add value for your own career development and the organization you work for. Continuously learning and developing one's skills requires identifying the skills needed and then successfully seeking out training or on-the-job opportunities for developing those skills.

Identify, Prepare for, Apply and Secure Career Advancing Jobs
Register, post your resume and be found on CareerMine
CareerMine provides the largest dedicated job board to the mining industry worldwide, and boasts thousands of active mining jobs worldwide at any given time. By registering and posting your resume, you will be able to create an online presence, where you can showcase your mining skills, education and experience. Your resume will then become searchable through our database. It will provide you with the ideal platform to find job employment opportunities and interact with companies and recruiters who are at the forefront of hiring worldwide.
See and respond to new vacancies first
Keep yourself informed on what new and relevant mining jobs are out there by receiving alerts from mining companies and recruiters worldwide on a daily basis. This feature will not only save you time, but ensure you are the first to be informed when new mining positons become available and will give you the opportunity to track relevant jobs.
Kick start your working career in mining
Browse student, graduate, co-op and entry level jobs on CareerMine's Student and Graduate portal. Find relevant information and advice to help you secure the job of your dreams and get you advancing in the world of mining.
Find your new career opportunity in mining
CareerMine is the world's largest job board in mining, and is the chosen job board for many of the leading mining companies and recruiters worldwide. CareerMine provides you with the opportunity of being able to search and apply to thousands of active mining jobs worldwide, covering all disciplines.
The Online Job Fair provides the opportunity to research top employers in mining, including Mining Companies, Operating Mines, Recruiters, Suppliers and Contractors. Read up on these companies and see all their employment opportunities on CareerMine.
Stay on top of the latest news and trends in Mining is world renowned for its global mining news and can keep you update with the latest news and trends in mining. The CareerMiner blog provides those in mining valuable advice on aspects of career development and growth in mining. The CareerMine community, through our social channels gives you access to employment opportunities, mining employment news, expert advice, answers to your questions and much more. Bookmark the InfoMine home page for more news on the mining industry.

The process of finding your first job or advancing your career needs to be a proactive exercise. Simply putting you resume out there and waiting for something to happen is not going to get you very far. Set up job alerts, evolve your resume, stay in tune with the market place and follow employment and salary trends.

Research Job Requirements, Benefits, Salaries, Satisfaction
Your employment goes much further than just your salary. Benefits can vary from company to company, but are an integral part of your remuneration package. Read more at these links:
Employee benefit
Evaluating your benefits package
Benefits of negotiating benefits
Benefits vs. salary-which is worth more
Far different from a corporate environment, working on a fly in - fly out offers both rewards and unique challenges. Read more at these links:
Fifo Mining Jobs
Fifo fly in fly out
Fifo and dido-be aware of the risks
Your work environment is paramount to your employment satisfaction. Read more at the links:
Living on a mine site-what you can expect
Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Searching For A Mining Job
Consider working in a different country
CareerMine provides global opportunities in mining through its job board. CareerMine has mining jobs available across the globe North America, South America, Africa, Australasia, Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom. For mining professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers all your overseas mining job opportunities will be found here.
Advance your career
CareerMine is not only the biggest most successful mining job board worldwide, but also the chosen job board and home to many of the leading mining companies, operating mines, and recruiters worldwide. CareerMine can offer you the opportunity to connect with these companies and recruiters through it's over 14 000 active international mining jobs available at any given time.
Learn about different vocations in mining
Many job seekers are unsure as to what vocation they should be pursuing, or need information to assist them find our more information on the vocation of their choice. CareerMine provide job seekers with valued information critical to those whose vocation is in mining.
Find your worth
CareerMine provides job market intelligence and salary insights pertaining to your job description. Stay on top of current labour salaries and job market salary trends with concise insight reports of earnings in various regions and countries presented in easy to read graphs with data derived from our ongoing mining industry salary surveys and provided by employees working in the mining industry.

Having a strong sense of job and career satisfaction is important. Knowing the key elements that go into job satisfaction, you can choose to take control and make the changes you need to feel really satisfied and motivated by what you do.

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