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Complement your mining curriculum with specialist content

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Complement your mining curriculum with specialist content
Monitor success of students taking EduMine courses; reduce the need for marking supplementary tests. Use online courses as pre-reading and quickly identify knowledge gaps in your class.
Supplement your curriculum with time-effective, online components. And fill in the gaps on topics where you have faculty or resource limitations.
Communicate programs of online courses to your students via an online campus, accessible anytime, anywhere.
Give your students the ability to efficiently research using our fully searchable online course library. Allow students travelling or on a work term to have continuing access to hundreds of online courses.
Students and faculty can participate in live courses held by industry experts. Apart from keeping abreast with the latest knowledge on topics, the live courses also allow participants to interact directly with the experts, and build their network.
We have good relationships with more than 15 universities around the world; let us connect you with universities that provide courses and programs that could enhance your curriculum.
Are you expanding your mining program? We will tap into our network to identify experts or partners to help you develop your curriculum.

There is a worldwide shortage of mining faculty to lecture at mining schools. The EduMine course library can be used to supplement the mining curricular with courses from industry specialists.

Interface and collaborate with the mining industry
Share your knowledge and expertise with the mining industry. Join our faculty by becoming an author of an online course, or contribute to developing mining professionals through short courses or live webcasts.
CostMine provides a wide range of published cost models, custom models and the ability to create your own models with our software.

In addition to all of the cost information in Mining Cost Service, it also contains 36 surface mine, 48 underground, 32 placer operations, 35 milling and 6 gold heap leach models. The Coal Cost Guide contains 18 mining and prep plant models. Click here for a sample model
The SHERPA line of programs allows an estimator to quickly create a full cost estimate. All of the programs use an engineering based approach, not cost curves or guessing. Simply enter minimal (or a lot) of data about a project (reserves, ore and waste production rates, haul distances and mining method) and SHERPA will do the rest. Backed by data from Mining Cost Service, the program uses an equipment based approach to select the optimum equipment fleet based on a combination of productivity, cycle time and cost criteria. Any of the basic inputs can be overridden if you have better data, leading to a better understanding of the costs and risk. Demos are located on our website for more information and to see the power of the programs.
InfoMine and CostMine have been surveying producing mines for over 25 years. Since 1987, we have developed an understanding of compensation, benefits, shifting schemes and bonuses in the exploration and mining industry. The reports keep companies apprised of the current wages, salaries and benefits for US, Canada, Africa and Mexico.
For more information click here or call us +1-509-328-8023 or email us at
As with all of our publications and services, we advocate the best practices for cost estimating. Our solutions are engineering based and cover all commodities in all regions. For more information on our service contact us at or +1-509-328-8023.
InfoMine, through its CostMine division, offers engineering and geologic services in the areas of mining and reclamation planning and cost estimating, mineral economics, mining feasibility analysis, mineral property appraisal, geostatistical analysis, geologic field studies, and related areas. Learn more

Professionalism is a lifelong learning experience. Continuing education and training is a fact of life for professionals in the mining industry. Mining schools play a large part in providing continuing education and professional development to the industry. EduMine provides a platform for dissemination of professional development and training around the world.

Support your staff and students with up-to-date mining information, news and technology
CostMine is the Industry Standard for Mining Cost Estimating, specializing in Cost Models, Equipment Costs, Labor Costs, Supply Costs, Smelting and Mine Development Costs
Your career in mining starts here.
Browse Student, Graduate, Co-op and Entry Level jobs below as well as discover a host of other information and advice to get you going and advancing in the world of mining.
The objective of TechnoMine is to inform the mining and geoscience communities by providing insightful articles, news, reviews, and resources on mining technology and related topics. TechnoMine offers close to 20 technology sites that provide new items on technical aspects of mining and mineral exploration. Each technology site offer Technology Reviews covering almost 90 topics that examine the latest and most relevant information available on the Internet and in mining publications.
Stay on top of the latest news and trends in Mining. is world renowned for its global mining news and can keep you up to date with the latest news and trends in mining. The CareerMiner blog provides those in mining valuable advice on aspects of career development and growth in mining. Bookmark the InfoMine home page for more news on the mining industry.
ConferenceMine provides an opportunity for specialists and technology users to exchange information, discuss the latest research and propose innovative solutions to technical issues. We offer two options for professional development:
  • Attend our conferences and specialized short courses, to help you stay at the cutting edge of the latest research, science and leading practices in your field, and to network with your peers;
  • Speak at our conferences, share your knowledge and contribute to the industry's development. If recognition as an expert is your goal, becoming a speaker will get you there faster.
EventsMine is at the forefront of providing mining events worldwide. Use EventsMine to plan and attend mining’s major and most popular events worldwide.
CareerMine provides the largest dedicated job board to the mining industry worldwide. If you want to attract talent to apply for positions in your school, this is the place to do it.

InfoMine provides a tremendous source of information for the mining industry, including costing. This is an excellent resource for both faculty, researchers and students to tap into from a single source.

Get the best jobs and career advice for your students
CareerMine provides the largest dedicated job board to the mining industry worldwide, and boasts thousands of active mining jobs worldwide at any given time. Your graduating students can register and post their resumes, they can create an online presence to showcase their education and mining experience, and can leverage the ideal platform to find job employment opportunities and interact with companies and recruiters who are at the forefront of hiring worldwide.
Students can keep their finger on the pulse on new and relevant mining jobs for students, graduates, co-op and entry level positions by receiving alerts from mining companies and recruiters worldwide on a daily basis.
View companies that are hiring and explore scholarships and bursary opportunities here.
CareerMine's Student and Graduate portal is a great starting point to direct students to look for relevant positions.
CareerMine's Student and Graduate portal is just the place to direct students to find their first position in the mining industry and to discover a host of other information and advice to get them going and advancing in the world of mining.
CareerMine provides job market intelligence and salary insights pertaining to your job description. Stay on top of current labour salaries and job market salary trends with concise insight reports of earnings in various regions and countries presented in easy to read graphs with data derived from our ongoing mining industry salary surveys and provided by employees working in the mining industry.
Global mining employment advice, insight and news from CareerMine

InfoMine, through CareerMine offers both a Student Job Board and a Global Job Board where students can apply to Student, Co-op, Intern and full time jobs. Students may also post their resume on CareerMine.

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