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Acquire, train, compensate and retain staff
Standardized training programs help establish a knowledge baseline across an organization. EduMine’s team can work with you to develop and deliver corporate training programs. Our relationships with educational institutions and professional associations around the world, and our extensive network of subject matter experts allows us to put together tailored programs for your team. Our blended learning approach – using online courses, short courses and webcasts – ensures your people can learn at any time, at a cost that suits your budget.
Human Capital is asserted to be the most important element of success in business today. Developing human capital requires creating and cultivating environments in which human beings can rapidly learn and apply new ideas, competencies, skills, behaviors and attitudes.
Corporate objectives are well defined and realistic goals set by a company that often influences its internal strategic decisions. Most corporate objective targets used by a business will specify the time frame anticipated for their achievement and how the company's success in doing so is to be assessed.
Workforce planning is the systematic identification and analysis of what an organization is going to need in terms of the size, type, experience, knowledge, skills and quality of workforce to achieve its objectives. It is a process used to generate business intelligence to inform the organization of the current, transition and future impact of the external and internal environment on the organization enabling it to be resilient to current structural and cultural changes to better position itself for the future.
Staffing assessment is designed to help companies make successful hiring decisions that foster worker productivity and promote company profits. Using several measurement criteria, such devices can help determine how well a person will perform a job. The keys are to make sure you decide on your goals, and to be certain your tools are effective.
Salaries and benefits are two very important components of employment satisfaction that can influence whether employees remain with a company for long periods and have great sway in luring new employees to a company.

The staffing dynamics of a company change and evolve all the time. Without proper planning, a company may suffer from skills shortages or it may be unable to provide a good service because it does not have sufficient staff with the right experience. It might also find itself in a position where it is overstaffed or weighted in the wrong areas without proper planning and optimization.

Optimize your employee's skills and capability
Put yourself on the management track
If so, prepare yourself with an EduMine Management Certificate Program. Designed to provide you with the breadth and depth of knowledge required to help you succeed as a manager, these Programs will help you make informed management decisions. EduMine's Management Programs provide you with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the mining process, plus an in depth understanding of the core knowledge components relevant to the management position you are aiming for.
Become more effective at your job.
Deepen your skill level by certifying in an EduMine Vocational Certificate. These Certificates combine several related courses using a logical learning path and clearly defined objectives. The EduMine Vocational Certificate Programs will help you excel at your job.
Prepare yourself for the professional track in your company with an EduMine Professional Certificate. Our professional certificates provide you with the specialized qualifications you need to advance your career in mining. Our library of over 150 online courses provides you with opportunities for professional development. Professional certificates combine several related courses using a logical learning path and clearly defined objectives.
Engage and learn with experts, face to face
EduMine offers in class short courses by industry experts on all topics relevant to mining. Enjoy the opportunity to engage with peers and the experts face to face while learning. Or let us help you bring the expert to your team - we will find the right expert for your team's needs.
Don't let budgets or time constraints get in the way of your professional development
EduMine offers distance learning through live webcasts to ensure you can continue to grow. We bring in subject matter experts on mining, mining engineering and geosciences topics and you can participate in the learning and discussion from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. EduMine's webcasts ensure you have the opportunity to stay abreast of new trends and technologies even if you are situated remotely or can't be away from work.
By encouraging attendance of our conferences and specialized short courses you will retain and grow your talent and ensure that your employees will:
  • Enhance their professional development and stay current with their professional certifications;
  • Stay at the cutting edge of the latest research, science and leading practices in their field;
  • Broaden their understanding of the industry’s most pressing issues in a global context;
  • Extend their networks of contacts.
Help your employees to achieve success and recognition faster by encouraging them to become speakers and present scientific papers at our conferences.
Network and discover
EventsMine is at the forefront of providing mining events worldwide. Use EventsMine to plan and attend mining's major and most popular events worldwide.
Get professional development, career advancement and cross training in different disciplines
EduMine collaborates with universities and course providers on the university accredited Certificate in Mining Studies (CMS) program. Using a blended learning approach to minimize the need for travel and time away from the job, you can structure your own program from a range of courses and providers to suit your career objectives. And another great perk - you can complete the program in your own time. Should you be looking for educational institutions active in mining and the geosciences around the world? You will find an extensive list of these institutions and mining schools on EduMine. We also collaborate with universities and course providers on the university accredited Certificate in Mining Studies (CMS) program. Find out more about this program.
Learn while you earn
However you can support your practical experience with convenient online learning - the EduMine online library of courses has courses that could deepen your understanding of the job you perform.

An investment in staff training and development is critical in order to meet a range of business challenges from skills shortages to staff retention. With effective skills development strategies in place you will be enabling your employees to generate the kind of performance necessary to carry your business forward with confidence.

Reach the market and recruit the best talent
Find your future hires.
CareerMine offers a resume database with over 70,000 active resumes, covering most mining disciplines around the world. Hundreds of new resumes are added weekly.
Let your vacancies be discovered
Post your jobs on CareerMine and be seen by job seekers around the world. Discover a wide variety of job posting options, from Hot to Premium jobs, with packages to suit your requirements.
Become an Employer of Choice
It is important to showcase your company, career paths and opportunities to the job seeker market. CareerMine offers tailor-made solutions for you to achieve this objective through our Employer of Choice programs. Benefit from maximum exposure by having a company splash page and a booth on our Online Job Fair.
Job Fairs are an ideal way to showcase your company's career opportunities and paths. Job Fairs are normally held in tandem with large international mining events and conferences. Online job fairs and a growing trend as well, allowing one to interact with a specific target audience of job seekers within a controlled online environment.
Job market intelligence helps employers and recruiters make the best informed decisions when it comes to hiring a new people, preparing for a new hiring project or planning out future human resource requirements.

Before engaging in the recruitment process, one should have a clear understanding of a company's requirements, projected revenues and goals before determining the types of skills and competencies required to meet those needs. Proper planning is necessary to execute a recruitment strategy.

Benchmark for staff retention and advancement
Employment goes much further than just salaries. Benefits can vary from company to company, but are an integral part of remuneration packages.
Fly In – Fly Out is the method of employing people to work in remote locations on a temporary or contract basis, without relocation of one's family. Far different from a corporate environment, working on a fly in – fly out offers both rewards and unique challenges.
A healthy work environment has organizational cultures, systems, and management practices that support employee goals.
CostMine can develop and perform custom surveys on your behalf. Labor Compensation and specialized surveys for research, employment benchmarking, employment trends and more.
Salary benchmarking is the process of comparing pay rates and benefits for similar positions in different companies. It is important to take time to benchmark salaries, before embarking on hiring for a new position or project.
Labor Compensation reports are the cost and data reports and advice one needs, in order to be able to make informed and accurate decisions.
Put Yourself on the Vocational Track
The EduMine Vocational Certificate Programs are made up of courses that teach you the practical knowledge you require to excel at your job. If you are just entering the mining industry, these Certificate Programs will give you an understanding of certain job requirements so that you can go into your interview or start your first day on the job confidently.
Find your worth
CareerMine provides job market intelligence and salary insights pertaining to your job description. Stay on top of current labour salaries and job market salary trends with concise insight reports of earnings in various regions and countries presented in easy to read graphs with data derived from our ongoing mining industry salary surveys and provided by employees working in the mining industry.

To attract the best talent, ensure your salaries and benefits are equal to or better than market standard. Performing market analysis and competitor research enables you to position your company in a competitive manner when hiring for new personnel or considering increases, bonuses and other incentives.

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