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Mining Electrical Equipment Suppliers in the World

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Total companies found: 1445

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GE Power Conversion
Aaron Equipment Company
ABB Tropos Wireless Communication Systems
Able Sales
Abmatic Ltda
Access Construction Equipment
Access Environmental Systems
ACDC Dynamics
Acting Chile
Acumentrics Corporation
Aikah Establishment
Airolite S.A.
Alcip Metal Ltda.
Allight Pty Ltd
AmerCable Inc.
Anaergia Inc.
Antolin Cisternas S.A.
Aproco BV
APS Lighting & Safety Products Co.
Articulos Electronicos Y Alarmas Ltda.
Artisan Vehicle Systems
ASA Electronics
Asesores y Abastecedores E.I.R.L.
Ashdown-Ingram Australia
Axis Electrical Components I.P.Ltd.
A-Z Industries, Inc.
B. Bosch S.A.
Baldor Electric Co.
Barloworld Equipment
Barloworld Power South Africa
Bartec Top Holding GmbH
Battery Rescue
Besalco S.A.
Bid on Equipment
BlueRock Industrial Ltd.
Boundary Electric (1985) Ltd.
Brighter ElectroMechanical Co., Ltd.
C.E. Niehoff & Co.
C.I. Electricos Internacional Ltda.
Cabelauto Brasil Cabos para Automóveis S/A
Cableform, Inc.
Camfil Air Pollution Control
Capacitor Technologies Pty Ltd.
Capte Ingeniería Ltda.
Carmanah Technologies Corp.
Caro y Maison Ltda.
Casa Musa
Cat Electric Power
CAT Rental Store (The)
Cavotec SA
Celco Controls Ltd.
Chambers Power Products, Inc.
Chess Controls Inc.
Chicago Blower Argentina S.A.
Cimatec SRL
COELPLA Sudamericana S.A.
COLDmist Cooling Australia
Comelco S.A.
Comercial Alba
Comercial E Industrial Medina Hnos.
Comercial Japi EIRL
Comercial Tgc Ltda.
Comercializadora Luagher Ltda.
Compelec S.A.
Concha & Gana Ltda.
Conductores Eléctricos Lima - CELSA
Contech Indústria e Comércio de Equipamentos Eletrônicos Ltda.
Continental Electrical Motor Services Ltd.
Conveyor Components Company
Cordero S.A.
CoRuFlex Composite Hoses BV
Cosmos Ltda.
Craigie Engineering Sales and Services Ltd.
D & D Industrial (Pty) Ltd.
D'Angelo International (Dangelo International)
Dartel S.A.
Diesels Plus
Digital Systems Engineering, Inc (DSE)
Dimaq Ltda.
DynaMisk Group Pty Ltd.
Dynapower Company
E & MJ Rosher
E&M Equipment, LLC
Eco Electric LED Lighting Development
ECS Electrical Cable Supply Ltd.
EDP Semiconductores de Potencia Ltda.
EECOL Electric
EesaPeru S.A.C
EFC Proveedores Industriales
Eir Electromecanica Ltda.
Eis, Fabrica Y Distribucion Termoelectrica Ltda.
Eland Cables
Electric Service Company
Electricidad A. Tafall Y Cia. Ltda.
Electricidad Gobantes S.A.
Electromecanica Hermanos Flores Ltda.
Electronic Components Pty Ltd
Electronic Power Solutions Pty Ltd
Electronica Casa Royal
Elster Group SE
Emelat, Empresa Electrica Atacama S.A.
Emelectri Ltda.
Emelta S.A.
Empresa Montajes Y Equipos Electricos
Enercogen (Pty) Ltd
Enercon Engineering, Inc.
Enersystem Argentina S.A.
Ensa Transformadores Ltda
Enviroblue Pty Ltd
Eric Riesle Y Cia. Ltda.
Erin Electrical Enterprises, Inc.
F Bamford & Co Ltd
Faiwood Y Cia. Ltda.
Fernandez Fica S.A.
Ferroman S.A.
Filtrartech Inc.
Flakt Woods Ltd
Flameproof Engineering Pty Ltd
Fleischmann S.A.
Flight Systems Industrial Products
Foothills Electric Ltd.
Fuji Electric Systems Co. Ltd.
Fusibles Y Elementos Electricos Ltda.
Garuda Ord Co.,Ltd
GasAtacama Generacion
Gener S.A.
Generator Container International
GenRent International
Greenhouse Strategies
Grupo C+ Tecnologia
H&S Worldwide
H2flow Controls, Inc.
Hampton Power
Harper Power Products Inc.
Hartline Supply, Inc.
Haymans Electrical
Hella Australia Pty Ltd
Hidroservicio Ltda.
High Country Mine Supply LLC
Howden Group Ltd.
Hoyt Corporation
IAC - Industrial Automation & Control (Pty) Ltd
Ideal Work Consultoria e Projetos de Engenharia LTDA.
Indeck Power Equipment Company
Indimex Ltda.
Inducenter Limitada
Induelectro S.A.
Indusquip Marketing cc
Industrial Lighting Systems
Industrias Elico Ltda.
Innovation Industrielle Boivin Inc.
Innovative Utility Products Corp.
Inpact S.A.
Intermountain Electronics, Inc.
IP Enclosures
IRG8 Industrial Repair Group
J.C. Montero Y Cia. Ltda.
Jasper Electric Motors, Inc.
JF Comer Inc.
JF Industrial Systems Windsor Inc.
Juan Torres Representaciones Ltda.
Jung Y Cia. Ltda.
JVS Projects (Pvt) Ltd.
K D Jones Instrument Corporation
Karam A.L.
Know S.A. Ingenieria
Kolbach S.A.
Kolff Brasil Comercial Importação Exportação Ltda
Kopex Group
Kubes Alloy Products Inc.
Kühn Controls AG
L&M Radiator
LaMarche Manufacturing Company (La Marche)
Land-Sea Power Ltd.
Latintronika S.A.
Leedem Mine Services
Littelfuse Startco
Ljubetic-Ingenieria Y Construccion Ltda.
Lloyd & Fedders Automotive Systems LLC
Ludwig Wunkhaus Lindemann
Lureye S.A.
Machinery Reserve of Denver, Inc.
Mainsa Ltda.
Mainsu (Pty) Ltd
Mapi - Mercado de Artefatos e Produtos de Iluminação Ltda
Marlew S.A.
Martech-Puls Sp.j
Mechanical World S.A.C.
Mega-Fabs Motion Systems Ltd.
Metcom Energia Ltda.
MI Air Systems, LLC
Mine Cable Services Corporation
Mining Controls Inc.
Minm Ltda.
Mohler Technology, Inc.
Moltec International Ltd.
Mosebach Manufacturing Company
Motores G y P Ltda.
Motter Equipment Inc.
NCO Net Computer
NDCO Group of Companies
Ndu Ingenieria Ltda.
New Ware Winding Services & Supplies (Pty) Ltd
Newelec Pretoria Pty Ltd
Nidec Avtron Industrial Automation Corporation
Northern Strands Co. Ltd.
O.D. Ingenieria
OEM Electric S.A.C.
OHM TEKMIN, Joint Venture, SAC
Olinsys Electric & Supply
Opium Mining and Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd
P.T. Automation Solutions Pty Ltd.
Panache Engineers Pvt Ltd
Patton & Cooke Co.
PDS Technologies (Pty) Ltd
Phoenix Products Company, Inc.
Phoenix Sales & Services Corp.
Pincu Y Gutierrez Ltda.
PLC Options
POLYMA Energiesysteme GmbH
Powell Canada Inc.
Power Control Solutions Ltd
PR Power
Prima Power Systems Inc.
Progos Ltda.
ProMation Engineering
Promotores Eléctricos S.A.
Protelec S.A.
PSY Sales (Pty) Ltd
PTI Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Quality Transformer & Electronics
R F Winder Electrical Limited
R&J Tecnología EIRL