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Advanced Satellite Productions Inc.
Aerial Topographic Services Pvt Ltd
Aero Geometrics Ltd.
Aeroingenieria Ltda
Airborne Sensing Corporation
Altitude Imaging Pty Ltd
ASL Borstad Remote Sensing Inc.
Bond Consulting Engineering Inc
British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines
CartoData SA CV
David C. Fitch, Consulting Geologist
Diazol S.A.
Digimapas Chile Aerofotogrametria Ltda.
Dominion Blue Digital Reprographics
Dudley Thompson Mapping Corporation Inc.
Eagle Mapping Ltd.
EUREKA Geo Consultants
Geoanalytic Inc
Geoscientific Mineral Resources
GIS Integrated Solutions
Global Energy Decisions
Ieg Ltda.
Ingenieria El Alba Ltda.
Jaworski Mapping & GIS
Jones Maps & Diagrams Ltd
National Mine Map Repository (NMMR)
Nautical Data International Inc
Organización Geotecnica O.G.T.
Sagal - Servicio Aereo Fotogrametrico de Gavardo Ltda.
Satellite Imaging Corporation
Servicios HidroGIS
SkyTEM Surveys ApS
Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.
Taiga Air Services Ltd.
Topographic Imaging, Inc.
Tundra Airborne Surveys Ltd.
Aberdeen Helicopters Ltd.
ASC Scientific
GDMS (Geographic Data and Management Solutions)
Geoambiente - Sensoriamento Remoto Ltda
LAND INFO Worldwide Mapping, LLC
Lidar US LLC
Mapping SAC
Pacific Geomatics Ltd.
RMS Technology, Inc.
Runco S.A.
Surveying & Mapping, Inc. (SAM)
Canadian Space Agency
Corriveau J.L./3D Scanning
Devel-Tech Inc
ENKON Information Systems Inc.
Enviro-Tech Surveys Ltd.
Epic Scan Ltd.
Geodesia y Fotogrametria SA.
Geografx Digital Mapping Services
Geologic Data Systems
Geomap Company
J.D. Barnes Ltd.
Noetix Research Inc.
Northway-Photomap Inc.
OSI Geospatial Ltd
Pacific Survey Supply
R.B. Brown Land Surveying Ltd.
Space Imaging
The Orthoshop
Abacus Datagraphics
Aerocon Photogrammetric Services, Inc.
AJS Engenharia e Informática Ltda
ENGEMAP - Engenharia, Mapeamento e Aerolevantamento Ltda
Firmatek, LLC
Geo Pro S.A.C.
Geoair Map
Geoibéricos Brasil Topografia e Engenharia Ltda
Geoid Mapeamento Aéreo Ltda.
Geological Survey of Tanzania
Geopartners Soluções em Geoprocessamento
Global Mapas
GlobalGeo Geotecnologias
Groundwork Plus
Impressions Mapping and Solutions
IMT - Integrated Mapping Technologies Inc.
INGTOP Consult
Intrasearch, Inc.
JSC VNIIZarubezhGeologia
Magnasoft Consulting Pvt Ltd.
McMullen Nolan Group (MNG)
Microsurvey Aerogeofica Ltda.
Mine Vision Systems
Novaterra Geoprocessamento
Prioria Robotics, Inc
Racad Cartography Pty Ltd
Rubio Serv Med e Mod 3D
SmartPlanes UAS 
Southern Mapping Company
SPECIM/GeoSpectral Imaging
SpecTerra Services Pty Ltd
Surveyor Engenharia Ltda
Terra Remote Sensing Inc.
Terracota Topografia e Terraplanagem
Topocart - Engenharia Topografia e Aerolevantamentos
TopoCivil Ltda
UAV Geomatics Pty Ltd (Australia)
Maps of the Past, Inc
Martinez Corporation
Pinnacle Geospatial Solutions
Primus Geographics, Inc.
Riparian, Inc.
Solid Terrain Modeling Inc
SysGen - Argentina
Well Mold (China) & Plastics Co., Ltd