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Afrasia Mining Energy & Environment Engineering & Consultancy A.S.
Alberta Geological Survey
Alcock Mcphar Geotech India Ltd.
APEX Geoscience Ltd.
Aqua Data Perú S.A.
Associated Geologists, Inc.
Aurora Geosciences Ltd.
Aurum Exploration Services
BAP Equipment Ltd.
Big Red Resources
Canadian Seabed Research Limited
Caracle Creek International Consulting Inc.
Dejic Ltd. Consulting
Eads Group
Exploraberg E.I.R.L.
Galyen Geologic Consulting Service
Gateway Solutions
Geodatos S.A.I.C.
Geoequipos S.A.
Geoexploraciones S.A.
Geologia De Proyectos Geologica Ltda.
Geomap Srl
Geomecánica Latina S.A.
Geominex Pty Ltd.
Geosigma AB
Geovale Services
Global Ore Discovery
Hager GeoScience, Inc.
Hager-Richter Geoscience, Inc.
Hekla Consulting Ltd
Ingenious Bran Consultants Private Limited
InnovExplo inc.
Lyatsky Geoscience Research & Consulting Ltd.
MarcChile Limitada
McEwen Geological LLC
Millennium GeoScience
MineMappers, LLC
N.Tribe & Associates Ltd.
Nexgeo, Inc.
OreQuest Consultants Ltd.
Porcupine Canvas
Prospectivity Mapping Services
Proyectos y Estudios Mineros del Perú S.A.C.
Remote Exploration Services
Rock and Stock Investments
Rojas & Asociados Mining Consultants
RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration
Satellite Imaging Corporation
Sino QZ Group
Smee & Associates Consulting Ltd.
Solidus Geological Services
Sproule Associates Limited
Stea Surficial Geology Services
Taiga Consultants Limited
The Natural History Museum
Trinity Energy & Infrastructure Group, LLC.
ULC West Africa
VP3 GeoServices (Pty) Ltd.
Wellfield Services Ltda
Whelan's Mining and Exploration, Inc.
Xstract Group
Cima Dorada S.A. de C.V.
Eldorado Mineral Associates Ltd.
GeoMinEx Consultants Inc.
Geo-Topics Sprl
Jay Mineral Services Ltd
MPH Consulting Ltd.
North Face Software Ltd.
Resources Computing International Ltd.
Scott E. Wilson Consulting, Inc.
Silicon Geoscience
Chavez-Grieves, Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Coast Mountain Geological Ltd.
Council for Geoscience
EGM Servicios Geológicos Mineros Ltda.
G. N. Lustig Consulting Ltd
Gaddy Engineering Co.
GeoLOGIC Systems Ltd.
MGI Limited
RockSol Consulting Group, Inc.
Superior Mineral Resources LLC
Walsh Environmental Scientists & Engineers LLC
Ação Engenharia Ltda
Almina Proje Danismanlik A.S.
Beqit Inc (T) Limited
BM Geology Services
Borg Geoscience
BraSilExplore - Braz Silva Consultoria Mineração e Geologia
Brazilian Rockhounds Comércio e Serviços de Minerais LTDA ME
Cement Engineering SA
Central Mine Planning & Design Institute
Challenger Geological Services
Chiron Exploration P/L
CLGeo Soluções em Geologia e Mineração
Compass Geological
Cotton, Shires & Associates, Inc.
Cube Consulting
Delta Consultoria Geológica e Mineração Ltda.
Digirock Pty Ltd
Element Exploration LLC
EURO Exploration Services Pty Ltd
Ferrero Geologic
Foundry Group
Freiberg Geotechnical, Inc.
FWS Consultants Ltd
GAT- Geology & Mine Engineering Ltd.
GEMECS (Pty) Ltd
Geo Planejamento
Geoconômica Minas Ltda.
GeoConsult Pty Ltd
GeoDesign Associes
GeoEnvi Geologia e Meio Ambiente Ltda.
Geoinform Pesquisas Geológicas Ltda.
Geological and Mining Services Australia Pty Ltd
Geological Solutions Pty Ltd
Geonoks Serviços
GeoPehuen SRL
Geo-prospect Ltd.
Geosam Geologia e Soluções Ambientais
Geoscott Exploration Consultants Inc.
Geosistema Pangea Ltda
Geotechnical Consulting Group
Goldminds Geoservices
HGS Australia
Hornet Drilling and Geological Services Pty Ltd (Hornet)
IMC Montan
JC Sigma - Serviços Integrados de Geologia, Mineração e Meio Ambiente Ltda
Kistemann & Chiodi Assessoria e Projetos
KlipStone Pty Ltd.
Landed Argentina
Libaneo & Libaneo ( English)
Libaneo & Libaneo ( Português)
Lions Gate Geological Consulting Inc. (LGGC)
Luc Pigeon M.Sc., P.Geo - Exploration Geologist & Consultant
M2 Technical Services Inc.
Manning Mining
Mining & Exploration Geological Modeling Services (M.E.G.M.S)
MiningMath Associates
MMWC Geological Consultants Pty Ltd
Moultrie Group
Nick Callan Geological Services
Nitro Consult AB
Nizhneamurskaya Mining Company
Open House Management Solutions (OHMS)
OreX Consultants
RDF Consulting Ltd.
Robinson International Afrique S.p.r.l.
RSC Consulting Ltd.
Scott-Smith Petrology Inc.
Servitec Sondagem
SGM Serviços em Geologia e Mineração Ltda
SJS Resource Management
Stacey Leichliter Consulting LLC
Summit Geology & Consulting, LLC
Target Geologia, Mineração e Meio Ambiente Ltda.
TENPRO - Técnica de Engenharia e Projeto Ltda
Terra Search Pty Ltd
TerraLogic Exploration Inc.
Western Mining Services (Australia) Pty Ltd
Hidroar Sa
James Progithin International Ltd
Kayler Geoscience and Land Surveying, PLLC.
Wyman Consulting